10 Reasons why you should wake up early

As Indians, we inherit the principle of waking up early and going to bed early. But by the time we grow up we import not only cars, electronics and other commodities, but also the principles of daily schedule and self centering beliefs.

We start using the imported commodities and following the borrowed principles. It does help to project ourselves big, but have we really progressed. Had it been the truth, there would have been no miseries, stress and tension.

But it is not so. Since the time we started importing the principle of waking up late and going to bed late, we have become prone to more diseases, laziness and have started blaming each other for our deeds. Let us understand why our ancestors laid down the fundamental rule of waking up early and going to bed early.

1. More Oxygen: The ozone levels are high during the early morning hours from 3:00 am to 6:00am. The normal oxygen molecule has two atoms of oxygen, whereas ozone has three.

Thus inhaling ozone would mean inhaling more oxygen. When the oxygen level in our bodies is high, we are high on life force energy and more lively and active and hence towards a healthier life.

One of the reasons why people suffer from Motor neurone disease (MND) and Multiple sclerosis (MS) is that the body does not get enough oxygen.

2. More Concentration: A stitch in time saves nine. When we start our day early, we uninterruptedly do our tasks with full concentration. The tasks are performed with perfection and on time.

3. More Attention: Early risers have time to attend to themselves and practicing Yoga or exercises of any kind help us to attend to every part of our body.

10 Reasons why you should wake up early


4. More memory: The students are able to memorize their lessons faster and hence score good marks.

5. Effective caretaking: Once you have taken care of yourself, you have enough time to take care of the rest of your family members.

6. Effective ladder climbing: We start early to finish early to be a winner. So, get ready to be a winner.

7. Effective body cleansing: The natural body cleansing activity starts at around 8:00pm. So if we take dinner after 8:00pm, we have already disturbed the natural body machine and hence our health.

8. Effective sleep: Our body is programmed in such a way that from 9:00pm to 12:00am it rests for 2 hours every hour and from 12:00am to 4:00am, it rests for 1 hour every hour and after 4:00am. It rests for ½ hour every hour. So it is healthy wealthy and wise to sleep early and rise early.

9. The scenery: The nature is at its best early in the morning. The chirping of the birds, the rising sun, the bells from temples, mosques and churches, the blossoming flowers and the cool early morning breeze all get us closer to nature.

10. Be Indian Buy Indian: I pledge that I am proud to be an Indian and I will follow the religion, the principles and fundamentals of my country.

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