10 Quirky things every bride should own

Quirky things that every bride should own that will add glamour to her look!

Have you gotten married recently ? Or if you are planning to get married, then my friend it’s time to level up your fashion game. Weddings are super special as well as super hectic, especially for the bride. From pulling off a heavy lehenga to greeting everyone with a big smile on the face, being a bride is not easy. But once the wedding functions and rituals are over, you can definitely keep things basic yet stylish. Here is a list of 10 quirky things every new bride should own. These things will keep your fashion game-high and will enhance your look. In fact, you can even carry them for your honeymoon.

Let us take a look!

1. Heart Shaped Sunglasses

They are super trendy and stylish. Do not forget to buy a pair of sunglasses. As a new bride, it is your haqq to look your best. A heart-shaped sunglasses will make you look super stylish. Do not forget to carry them while going on your honeymoon.

  1. Personalize Glass Water Bottle

As a new bride it is important to keep yourself hydrated so that your glow doesn’t go away. It is important to keep yourself hydrated, especially if you have got married in the summers. In that case, you should always carry a water bottle and what’s better than having a personalized bottle?

  1. Satin Night Suits

They look super stylish and are comfortable as well. Do not forget to add them to your wardrobe. You can pick different colours for different weekdays. They are available in both shorts and pants both. Pick Shorts ( Do you really want us to give you reasons?)

  1. Interesting neckpieces and earrings for random date nights

First few months of the marriage will be full of surprises, random dates and romantic nights. In that case, it is important to look your best. Add some quirky and interesting neckpieces to your closet to woo your BAE.

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  1. Satin bows that will make your bad hair day look prettier

Every bride should own pretty hair clips and bands. As a new bride, you have to take part in many family get-together and functions. Not every day you will have a good hair day. In that case, pretty hair bows and rubber bands will come handy.

  1. Bags that will make you look like a chic      

Bags are an important of a woman’s life. As a new bride, you should invest in a variety of bags. Do not forget to pick Boho bags! They will make you look like a  fashionable chic.

  1. Add colours to your life with stylish flats

After wearing heels for four-five days straight. It’s time for some relaxation. Pick super cool flats that you can pair up with any dress.

  1. Trendy T-shirts for a casual day out

Add some simple yet stylish T-shirts to your wardrobe for a casual day out. Be it with his school friends or office friends, you should definitely look your best.

  1. A beautiful Kaftan

It should definitely find its way to your wardrobe. Be it on honeymoon or for an impromptu to resort visit as a new bride you should definitely own a Kaftan. They are comfortable and look extremely stylish.

  1. Vitamin  C serum for glowing skin

Look your best and let your skin feel refreshed by using Vitamin C on your face. Say bye-bye to dull skin and use Vitamin C serum on your face.

We hope you like it! Do share it with new brides and brides – to be so that they can buy it all!

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