10 Powerful Statements Ankita Lokhande, a diva who calls herself ‘Strange and Strong’

10 Powerful  statements by Ankita Lokhande, a diva who is born to rule hearts


The year 2020 was one of it’s kind.  A year that became unforgettable and changed our lives forever. We all know things will never be the same again. It was hard on us and even harder on the entertainment industry. A lot of things happened this year in Bollywood.  One name that was in headlines throughout the year was of Ankita Lokhande, a woman who is strong and knows when to voice out her opinion. The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput left the entire industry in shock. But events that unfolded after his death were even more shocking. Ankita was the first one to stand with the family and started the campaign of  #JusticeforSSR.


A lot of things happened in the span of 4 months after his death. And as we know the journey to get justice is never easy. Here are 10 bold statements that Ankita Lokhande made and proved that she is a strong woman. On her birthday, let us quickly take a look, how gracefully she handled the situation even after going through the tumult of emotions after the news broke out.


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1. When she said, “Sushant was not a depressed guy and I don’t want people to remember him as a depressed.” There was a confidence in her voice.  Ankita took a stand and spoke on National Television that she wants people to remember Sushant as a hero.


2. When Ankita decided to put out a strong message on Instagram. She shared this post and gave inspiration to millions of girls out there.


3. We agree with Ankita! Efforts, honesty, keeping promises, deep connection and deep conversations make you extremely desirable.



4. When she preached about listening to their higher self.



5.  When Ankita posted a picture saying – Truth Wins.  She made it clear that she will fight.


6. When she was questioned about the flat she lives in. A lot of people said Sushant used to pay the EMI of her flat. She decided to give it back to the haters. She shared all her documents on Instagram.



7.  When she said Trauma is valid and everyone has a right to unload some of the pain they carry. Everyone’s healing matters.




8. Ankita talked about fate and karma.  We completely agree that we create our destiny and we need to pay for bad karmas.




9. 2 seconds of fame? Like a queen, she took pride of her work and took stand for every television actor out there.


10. When she said she will always cherish the time she spent with Sushant. Ankita said that 14 June should be celebrated for Sushant’ s excellence.


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