10 ‘Oh so good’ things you can do before resigning from the job!

Resignation Rule you should be aware of!

When to call off from the job should be entirely your decision. You have got a new job and they are paying you much better but that doesn’t mean to forget about your present job. Obviously, you are excited.

It is hard to stay focused on the old gig when everything is ‘oh so cool’ about the new one. But remember, the ‘old gig’ was the ‘new gig’ not so long ago, and how you behave on your way out will affect your brand, your references, and your future employability. Have respect towards your recent jobs too.

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It’s true that often you get shown the door as soon as you resign. Also true, that some bosses act softly when they hear the news about your resignation. But no matter. You be the better person, leaving with every loose end tied up, and your head held high.

Rules of Resignation you should know:

1.Give fair notice. Sure, your offer letter of 5 years ago says you need only give 2 weeks notice. But you were a trainee then, and now a Team Leader. You know you will cause your employer huge issues if you leave at such short notice. Do not do it. Provide enough time for them to get their business covered. It is the professional thing to do. Take responsibility instead of shedding it off.

2.Do the deed gracefully.Plan how you will do it. Set a formal meeting. Be polite. Be firm, but humble. Show appreciation. Thank your boss. Do everything softly and gracefully.

 3.Smooth handover of clients and candidates. Co-operate in a handover of your current orders, your clients, and your hot talent. If you are leaving those clients for good, it is the right thing to do by them, and by your employer who gave you the chance to build those relationships in the first place.

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4.Share the inside stuff. Like your computer password. Or which contact within a client really makes the decisions. Or special fee arrangements you have in place. Share it with the others now. Because you no longer will assess it

5.Do not slack off.This is critical. If you ‘go walkabout’, start being lazy, come in late, avoid your admin and generally make it clear you have ‘checked out’, everyone will see that and everyone who counts will remember it. Forever. And that is going to hurt you one day. Count on it.

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6.The exit interview. Cooperate. Do not be a smarty by refusing to participate. Be thoughtful and constructive. Resist the temptation to preach or criticise.

7.Do not flirt with counter-offer discussions if you have no intentions of staying.Pursuing that conversation, just so you can enjoy having your ego stroked, is weak.

8.Wrap it up. Close as many as of your projects as you can. Give your best in your last days too. Avoid taking things for granted. When you are on your way out, thank everyone who helped you on your way up. It will mean a lot to them if you do, and they will remember it if you don’t. And not in a good way.

 9.Say goodbye properly to everybody.Personally, not by email from your phone when you are out the door. Shake hands. Offer kisses. Swap contact details. Keep doors open.

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