10 Must Do Things Before you hit 25

Here Are 10 Things to do before you hit 25

There are a lot of things to do before you turn 25. Some wants to earn, some wants to become a star etc. Everyone wants to make their life happening. This is the time where you develop yourself, you build your profile. After 25, you are loaded with a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder, so before you hit 25, you can do many exciting things. There are so many things to do. Here is the list of 10 things to do before you hit 25.

Music Festival
Music Festival
  1. Go to a music festival: A lot of music festival keep on happening on a regular basis. Just go and watch your favourite band live performing. Experience the enthusiastic atmosphere, enjoy the music and let the madness begins.
  2. Buy lunch for your Parents: Your parents had spent a lot on you to make you stand on your feet. So to make them feel that what they had done is speechless, take them for a lunch and make sure that you pay the bill.
  3. Try an Epinephrine sport: You could try bungee jumping, scuba-diving, etc. Just come out from your comfort zone and kick out your fear. You will really feel proud of yourself.
  4. Vote: Everybody has a right to vote. You should vote for the betterment of the country because it’s your right to do so.
  5. Dye your hair a different colour: Just change your hairstyle and feel like a different person. Experience the new style of living.
  6. Learn to cook: Cooking is a good habit. We should learn cooking: it can be fun, good for health and your bank balance.
  7. Exercise: It is very important because exercise is good for health. We should do exercise regularly. It keeps us fit and healthy.
  8. Go on a blind date: It is really a great experience to share with your mates or friends about your blind date. It is a good thing to do. Without knowing the other person you are going on a date with them is fun.
Blind date
Blind date

9.Whole weekend partying: When you get old then it is difficult for you to spend the whole weekend partying because you get so many responsibilities on your shoulders. So, do it before you turn 25.
10.Learn to be alone: Learn to enjoy your own company is something great thing. In life there will be many situations where you need to be alone and survive, so this will work.

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