10 interesting things you need to know about Persian New Year

Here is all you need to know about Persian New Year

Google Doodle has been changed to mark the Persian New Year. Today, Google is wishing its users a Happy Nowruz for 2017 with a colorful Google Doodle. Notably, Nowruz is the time for spring cleaning and shopping new clothes. People spend the last Wednesday before Nowruz addressing their spiritual cleanliness by reciting rhymes and by jumping over fire pits. Here, are 10 things you need to know about the Persian New Year.

Google Doodle

1. The Persian New Year believed to have started in Iran that is why it is also known as Iranian New Year or Persian New Year.

2. Nowruz is celebrated across the cultures, religions, and national borders in countries including Tajikistan, Afghanistan and, of course in Iran.

3. Notably, Nowruz or Navroze is celebrated by people of Persian and is celebrated on the day of the Vernal equinox.

4. Although the celebration is a secular holiday, but it holds a religious importance for Zorastrians. The day is considered holy in many cultures.

5. India, the festival is mainly celebrated by the Parsi community, and the observance can go up to for two weeks.

6. The special foods are prepared for the New Year celebrations by the Parsi community.

7. The most important parts of the celebrations is an elaborate family dinner according to ancient Iranian culture.

8. The exact moment of the arrival of spring is marked while waiting at the table.

9. After the arrival of New Year, gifts are exchanged among friends and family.

10. Nowruz means ‘New Day’. And people celebrate it with utmost zeal by exchanging gifts and buying new clothes.

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