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10 interesting facts you need to know about ‘Wink Queen’ Priya Varrier!

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Overnight sensation Priya Varrier is just 18!

 If you have not heard of Priya Prakash Varrier yet, you might have at least seen her – over the weekend, a film clip of the young actress winking went insanely viral, prompting a tidal wave of memes. #PriyaPrakashVarrier has been trending on Twitter, acknowledged by the subject of the trend in a tweet from her as-yet unverified account (she appears to have only joined Twitter over the weekend). “Can’t believe this,” tweeted Priya, who makes her debut in, the film to which the clip – specifically, from a song titled Manikya Malaraya Poovi – in question belongs. Her expression, especially that wink has already melted the hearts of young boys.

Priya Prakash
Here are 10 things to know about Internet Sensation Priya Carrier!
1) She is being compared to Katrina Kaif. Yes, you heard right! The young actress is being compared to one of Bollywood’s most loved divas on the basis of her captivating expressions. Well, it’s hard to deny even. She is hot!
2) Priya is a trained classical dancer. Umm, maybe that is the secret to her eye expressions? Her wink has already made her an overnight internet sensation.
3) She has become the third celebrity around the world to get more than 600k followers on Instagram in just one day. She currently stands at 2.1 million followers. Isn’t it shocking? But it’s true guys!
4) The other top two celebrities holding the positions are the television star, Kylie Jenner with 806k followers in 24 hours and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with 650k followers in a day. Well done Priya!
5) Besides India and the Gulf, she has also become an overnight sensation in Pakistan and, brace yourselves… Egypt!
wink queen
6) The song ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi‘ is trending on YouTube and has already garnered over 1 million views and 50,000 likes in just 20 hours, all thanks to Priya.
7) There are a whole lot of memes of the Priya’s expressions and also different versions of the video, replacing the boy with other top heroes like Ajith, Vijay, and even Mr Bean. Haha!
8) In such less time, there are over a thousand fake accounts of the actress doing the rounds on social media.
9) Priya joined Twitter just a day before the song was released, on 10th February, and she already has nearly 60k followers.
10) Priya is just 18 and pursuing B.com Honours.
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