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10 instances in 2020 when people ran the boycott campaign on social media

From the ban on Chinese products to backlash at Tanishq ad, here are some instances when the public got offended


The year 2020 has been a challenging one and we had a lot of things to worry about. While we should have battled with the important issues, many of us were busy getting offended throughout this year. Social media has become an easy place to show, things we are not happy about. We easily call out for a boycott of certain things if it anyhow hurts our sentiments. The year 2020 was no different, people found many things that offended them, and instead of letting it go, they ran a social media campaign against it. Here are 10 such instances.

  1. After the border clash between India and China in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh across the Line of Actual Control, where 20 Indian soldiers died in combat, Indians launched a campaign against the Chinese products. While the government made efforts to block investment from China, people on social media urged others to not use Chinese products.


  1. A Tanishq advertisement which showed a Hindu girl married in a Muslim family, offended many people who called the ad a promoter of “Love Jihad”. A wide social media campaign was run against the jewelry brand. When a massive number of tweets were done with #BoycottTanishq, the company had to take down the ad and apologize for it.

tanisq ad

  1. Akshay Kumar movie titled “Laxmii Bomb” offended many people as they called out the movie for promoting “Love Jihad.” Several Hindu outfits showed resentment against the original title of the film – Laxmii Bomband said that it hurts religious sentiments of the Hindus. Makers had to change the name of the movie to “Laxmii.”


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laxmi bomb

  1. Stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua, in one of her acts made some jokes with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s upcoming statue in the Arabian sea. The joke was not taken well by a section of people who asked to take action against the comedian. One individual even made open rape threats against her.

  1. Another advertisement of Tanishq in which they appealed for firecrackers-free Diwali was not taken well by Hindu devotees.

  1. Delhi government and other state governments banned the use of firecrackers in Delhi. The NGT asked various governments where the pollution level was severe to ban the use of firecrackers.

  1. A section of people got offended by a kissing scene in Netflix’s The Suitable Boy. The kiss scene was filmed in a temple which outraged people.

  1. Indian people lashed out at American rapper Cardie B for posing as Goddess Durga in an advertisement for promoting her sneaker collection. Cardi B was shown as a warrior woman with eight hands while holding a pair of sneakers.

  1. Social media users ran a #BoycottTIME campaign because the magazine had reportedly irked the supporters of PM Modi. The description of PM Modi in the list of Most Influential People of 2020 miffed people.

  1. Swiggy, the food delivering app was recently in controversy for its post where it answered a satirical post concerning the farmers’ protest.

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