10 Important things you need to know about ‘Consent’

10 Important things you need to know about ‘Consent’

Consent is not a new term for us. Since ages, it is there in the dictionary.  Still, a lot of us don’t know what does it stand for? #Metoo movement has gained momentum in the Indian society. Stories are endless and these stories have triggered a range of emotions.  Sexual consent cannot be assumed. It should be vocal, enthusiastic, and continuous. Here are 10 important things that we all should know about consent. The actual meaning of consent should be taught to people, especially young ones. For example, if you had consensual sex once that doesn’t mean you have the go-ahead to have sex again.

Consent is important

Here are 10 important things you need to know about consent

1. If you are not  sure, then get the confirmation

Do not assume things.  They didn’t say No, but they didn’t say Yes, either. But you need to confirm it with your partner. Take away all the doubts and questions. And stop there- get a solid approval. Sometimes action speaks louder than words if your partner is getting tensed ask again.

2. Consent is not only given by a woman

Yes, consent means two people are equally involved in a sexual act. Consent is something that is not gender specific. Even if you are a woman it is important to seek the consent of your partner.

3. Coerced Consent is not the way out

If someone says no to you and you tell them that you will be unhappy otherwise or keep trying until they give in. That is not consent. They are just expressing consent because they don’t have any other choice.

4. Consent once is not consenting forever

If someone said yes for Sex once that doesn’t mean that you have got the permission forever. If someone wants to stop in the middle of something, then you need to respect his or her decision.

5. But in BDSM world, No May Means a Yes – What do then?

For those who are unfamiliar word this word. Let me first tell you what does it mean? It means Broken down into bondage discipline, submission/sadism, and masochism. In this world, No means a Yes. But things can go terribly wrong if you are not familiar with the body language of your partner. In BDSM world, the words No and stop are viewed as Yes. These terms are typically ignored as clues to stop during an act. But you cannot assume things. Be sure. So, asking your partner will be a good option.

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6. You have to hear yes from your partner

You need to literally hear yes from your partner. Do not assume things. Be vocal about your feelings, and let the other people express her/his feelings truly.

Consent is important

7. No is a complete sentence

A  No means a No. If someone has said No to you, then you need to respect other person’s decision. You can’t force them and you can’t mess with them personally.

8. You need to have consensual sex with your wife. Yes Wife

Just because she is your wife, you can’t have sex with her without her consent. Marriage doesn’t give you permission to have sex whenever you want.

9. Is there any connection between consent and clothes?

No, there is no connection. If someone is wearing a short dress that doesn’t mean she is available. There is no connection between consent and clothes.

10. Giving/ Getting consent when someone is high

Here the things can mess up. If you have sex with the person who is high, the consent here can land you up in a terrible situation. It is always advisable that you should wait for the validation from your partner when he or she is sober.

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