10 important Life lessons film Jab We Met has taught us

10 important Life lessons film Jab We Met has taught us

Aditya and Geet’s love story was not an ordinary love story. It is still fresh and it continues to be one of the most loved films even 10 years after its release. Well, in the universe of the film some characters stay with us for eternity. Not because those films are out fo world, but because they represent us and we can connect with them in a deeper manner.  Jab We Met is an evergreen film and every time we watch it creates a magic. Here are 10 important life lessons film Jab We Met has taught us.

important life lessons that Jab we met has taught us

Here, we go! 10 important life lessons film jab we met taught us 

1. Heartbreak is important

You need to feel heartbroken at least once in a lifetime. It is important. It will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It makes you understand that you have value yourself too.

2. True Love will find its way!

Everyone always ends up meeting his or her soulmate. Love could be a roller – coaster ride for you. Few heartbreaks could happen to you but your true love will always find its way to you.  It may seem like you are going to remain alone forever. But, you should never lose hope.  He is coming and when he will come your all past pains would be forgotten. There would be so many Anshumans but there would only one Aditya.

3. Do not stop yourself from committing mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life. The more you make them, the more you become wise. You should never stop yourself from making mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes.

4. Your instinct is a powerful tool

You should always trust your instinct. It is basically the voice of your heart. The feeling helps you to find true happiness.

5. Do not take life too seriously

Enjoy things that you love doing. Give your 100 percent in whatever you do. Life is too short to be taken too seriously.

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6. Forgiveness is the remedy

Sometimes people really close to us hurt us the most but forgiveness is the only way to be at peace. Aditya was hurt over his mother leaving his father for another man but, later he realized people can find happiness outside their boundaries and that is okay

7. Mai Apni Favourite- Because Self love is important

A lot of times we forget ourselves when it comes to keeping our partner happy. But one should never forget the beauty of self -love. You may not be liked by many people around you but you should always be your favorite.

8. You can meet your soulmate anywhere

Just like Geet met Aditya on the train. They never knew that they would fall in love and be together forever

9. Nobody can replace the bond of  the family

After all, the family is family and nobody break the bond of a family. No matter how badly you have messed up with them, your family will still forgive you and be with you.

10. Do not keep things in the heart. Express it

You get the life once so why to keep it in the heart. Whatever feel for others you should drain it out and express yourself freely.

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