10 Hilarious ‘Office Memes’ that you can share with Colleagues & Boss (but on your own risk)

This Instagram account has a plethora of funny office memes that are relatable AF!

We all have a love and hate relationship with our office. From dragging ourselves every day to our workplace to missing our colleagues on week offs, let us admit, we can’t imagine our lives without our office. Be it coffee, gossips, unplanned leaves, funny colleagues, or even team lunch, your office can turn our boring day into an interesting one. The workplace is not just meant for working, right? Thoda Fun Jaroori hai for better results. In that case, we have picked these 10 hilarious office memes that will make you laugh hard and can’t resist sharing it with your colleagues. Well, you can share it with your boss too, but on your own risk!

Office Memes for Working Teens, an Instagram page has a plethora of funny office memes that we found quite interesting. They are relatable AF and made us laugh out loud. Without any further ado, let us take a look:

1. Story of every employee. What we expect and what we get.

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2. How many of you can relate to it? Holiday on January 1- Oh I am sorry babu.

3. We all know that one employee who does this – The Job Hopper

4. Your manager calls you all the time? Oh! Not on weekends yaar!

5. Jaisa chal raha hai chalne dijiye: We all know this expression

6. Honest confession

7. Ideas Kyun nhi aa rahe? Managers favourite question

8. Are you ready for early ratings?

9. Who else is waiting? Dear HR, at least revert

10. Don’t you dare do that!

Note: All these memes are just for fun! Share it with your colleagues and friends and have a good laugh on it. We all know ‘Aisa hi hota hai’. Don’t forget to check out their page on Instagram.


You can even submit your memes on their page and get your work published! If you are creative and have ideas, send them and get valued for your work.

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