10 Hilarious Jobs around the world you won’t believe actually exist

Here is the list of 10 hilarious jobs around the world

We all study, do various internships, use all our mental energy for what? Of course to get a comfy job. We all dream of high paid jobs but do these dreams always come true? For some it might come true and for some it might not. Here is the list of 10 hilarious jobs around the world you won’t believe actually exist.

IF you have the guts then choose it
IF you have the guts then choose it

The one question that had played with our minds and is still on its way to trouble every child is ‘Beta bade hoke kya banna chahte ho?’(What you want to be in future?) This is most difficult question to answer.
The only answer we were able to give was either a doctor or an engineer because of the limited exposure we received from our parents and surroundings. Parents and relatives still have to work hard in order to know their children interest zone.
Well, it is time for you to know that the world is full of variety of professions, only if you dare to adopt them. Only if you dare! Yes, these jobs are not always easy for one to do.

Welcome to the world of the weirdest jobs you will ever come across.

1.Rental Boyfriend : This is first weirdest job you should know about. In Tokyo, you can have a boyfriend for money. Yes, that’s true you can have a boyfriend after spending few pennies.

2. Professional sleeper: You people might be aware of this kind of job. They come in handy for the scientists to research upon various skin disorders.

3. Vomit Cleaner: Very disgusting but this kind of job too exists in this world. Usually amusement park owners provides employment to people as a vomit cleaner.

IF you have the guts then choose it
IF you have the guts then choose it

4. Water slide tester: If you are adventurous than you should try this. They ensure if a water-ride is safe for everyone or not.

5. Professional cuddlers: Yes, you heard right professional cuddlers do exists in this world and it is a proper kind of job. In Japan you can have a good time with professional cuddlers in exchange of money. But don’t go beyond cuddling the person hired!

6. Professional pushers: Wish these kind of pushers do exists in India too, so that nobody woulf get late for the work. In Japan, there are professional pushers are hired in stations to ensure nobody is late for work.

7. Electronic shock giver: They are better known as Toques in Mexico. They give electric shocks to people which works as a soother for some and as a stimulator for others.

8. Pet food tasters: This is also a kind of job that some countries offer. The professionals taste pet food and makes sure it is good for the animals.

9. Professional stand in liner: This is much common and you might be aware of it. These people will stand in long queues for you to secure your place in exchange of money.

10. Wedding guest: People in Japan often work as a wedding guest in marriages.

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