World Health Day 2021: 10 Healthy Habits for Students

World Health 2021:  10 Healthy habits for students that will boost their immunity

April 7 marks World Health Day. The day is dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of good health.  The year 2020 taught us the importance of strong immunity and why we should invest in a healthy lifestyle regularly. Building immunity is not an overnight game, we need to make constant efforts to boost our immunity. The theme of 2021 is Building a Fairer and Healthier World. Talking about the health of students, they often face chronic health issues due to the extreme pressure of doing well academically. Today, we have listed 10 Healthy habits for students. Following them regularly can transform your health.  Without any further delay, let us take a look at these atomic habits.

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1. Never Skip your Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. According to experts, all meals of the day are important but breakfast is the most important meal. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can help you to focus and energy levels throughout the day. If you have to study all day long, then make sure you treat yourself to a healthy breakfast.

2. Set a deadline

Setting deadline is an important task. People who set deadlines are more efficient and are more likely to reach their goals. Being a student, you need to set a deadline. Set a task and try to complete it on time. A deadline helps to eliminate procrastination and makes your goals look more realistic and tangible.

3. Take a break

If you are a school student or preparing for any competitive exams, taking short breaks are important. Make a time table and mark your break time in bold. Taking short breaks on a regular interval keeps you rejuvenated. Breaks make you feel fresh and boost your concentration.

4. Drink a lot of water

The body is made up of 60 per cent of water. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps your body hydrated. It also maintains your body’s fluid balance so that nutrients can be transported throughout the body. A lot of people get confused between thirst and hunger, they end up eating a lot of food.

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(Keep a check on your mental health)

5. Dedicate time to Mental Health

As a student, one has to deal with several kinds of pressure. Be it performing in exams, or preparing for interviews. In that case, it is extremely important to dedicate some time to your mental health. You can practice meditation or indulge in some deep breathing. Devoting some time to your mental health will make you more focused.

6. Take 8 hours of sleep

A sound sleep is the first key to success. You may study the whole night but if it is not bringing any positive results – what is the use? Sleeping for 8- 10 hours will make you feel refreshed. You will be able to put in extra efforts while studying.  Quality sleep definitely brings better results.

7. Read Something relaxing and calming at night

No matter what type of student you are, investing in healthy reading habits can alter the way you think. You should read something calming at night. It soothes your mind and helps you to focus on your goal.

8. Do Sport a few times a week

Try to set up a sports routine for yourself. It gives you a break from your mundane studying routine and makes you focused. You can fix up days to play a certain game. Try to keep it outdoor because it is healthy for your overall well -being.

9. Take a break from social media

While preparing for exams, a lot of times one has to search for different content on social media and the internet. It is important to take a break from social media too. If you spend a lot of time on social media or on the internet to collect study the material it will leave you exhausted in the longer run.

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(Eat healthy fruits)

10. Limit your Junk food intake

Unhealthy eating can leave you exhausted and can take a toll on your mental and physical health. According to leading health experts, one should limit junk food intake. Whenever you feel hungry instead of grabbing a packet of chips, grab a fresh fruit.


These 10 healthy habits for students can be practised by people from all walks of life. These atomic habits can bring a positive change to your lifestyle. For better results at work or in studies, we should invest in healthy habits. Do not forget to take baby steps every day and you can thank us later!

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