10 Foods That will Help you to Fight With Water Retention!

Foods Which Help In Fighting with water Retention

We all know the importance of drinking ample amount of water but still we don’t do it on a regular basis.

We all know water plays a vital role in our lifeand not only for our health, it is important for our skin too.

Drinking Water

Water retention happens due to dehydration, hormonal changes in our body, constipation, excess sodium in our diets, kidney problem or heart conditions.

Increase in body weight, feeling bloated,swelling in the feet are the symptoms of water retention. We feel amazed when we see flawless skin of models,right? Do you know the secret behind it?

Some people not drink too much water in water retention, but this is wrong. Intake of water is also important if you are feeling water retention symptoms. Flushing out of fluids is important to cure the

So lets discuss about some foods, which helps in water retention:

Melons: Citrus fruits helps in water retention. Potassium rich fruits also reduce water retention. It’s good to start your day with Melons and citrus fruits.

Herbs: Some herbs are believed to help in water retention. Celery seeds(not for pregnantwomen),dandelion root are some herbs which helps in water retention.

Whole grains: Grains also help in water retention. They are the good nosh if you ever feel bloated(Make sure the whole grains you choose are low in sodium.)

Eggs: Tiny yet mighty egg will also help in water retention problem.

Beetroot: If you are not a lover of beets, then also add this in your diet. It help you lose excess water and fight with water retention.

Avocado: Avaocado is not only high in fiber and heart healthy fats, but it also helps to reduce your water belly by way of the dieuratic effect.

Kidney Beans: Who does not love Kidney Beans ? Well no one we think.

Kidney beans help in ditching that water fat and fits you in your skinny jeans again.

Pineapple: Pineapple is also a good choice if you ever feel bloated.

Not only this , pineapple alsohelps in healing your pain.

Almonds: Almonds are evergreen nut. It is considered as the healthiest food and we add it with everything possible. Either in sweet dishes or in salty. It also helps in water retention.

Red cherries: Beautiful red cherries on that vanilla cake always add the charm and can rock your parties but you might happy to know the fact that cherries are rich in potassium which helps in water retention.

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