10 Excuses That Every ‘Chai Lover’ Gives To Have a Cup of Tea

Do you keep making excuses for a cup of chai? Congrats you are a chai lover

India, chai is not only a drink but more than just a cup of tea to start the day. It is actually a lifesaver and a sweet rhythm of life. When a ‘Chai Lover’ wants a chai with full dedication, they will get chai for sure, but they should be talented enough to create a drama or an excuse. Chai is India’s most popular drink, the ritual of drinking chai transcends all boundaries, and roadsides are dotted with chai wallahs. Let’s see how much Indians are dramatic to get the single cup of tea. Let the fake excuses live long because India runs on chai and it’s a drink that Indian can’t live without.


‘Kaun kehta hai mai single hoon, I am in Love with Chai…..!’

Here are the top excuses that every chai lover loves to make to get a cup chai : 

    • If you are going for a debate with anyone, that’s called “CHAI PE CHARCHA” and it’s really not necessary that tea is going to kill a headache. So, then be ready for the consequences.
    • For chai lovers, medicines mean nothing to them. If they will suffer from any situation or problem, they don’t need anything but a cup of tea and they feel relaxed after having chai and in their illness too, all they want is chai-chai & chai.
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  • In India, guests are like their God, “Atithi Devo Bhava:” and the people welcome their guest with chai in every household.
  • Tea is a life saver and it acts as the stress buster for these true lovers.
  • Instead of thanking GOD for a rainy season or winter season like these good weather, chai is their jaan and they need only chai. WTF!
  • Chai & Sutta are like the ‘KARAN- ARJUN’ concept for many tea lovers. Some people use it to deal with their constipation issues. Bachelors and Engineers run on chai and sutta.
  • Actually, it’s a great weapon to kill your hunger for a short period, haven’t tried? Do try!
  • Where there is a Chai, there is a hope and none needs anyone when there’s a tea.
  • Well, lots of poets write their stories only because it is an emotional bond and great deal of poetry and sentiments
  • This is an epic dialogue, no matter what is going to happen in their life all they want is “Chai”

Do share these funky and lame excuses and dialogues with your chai lover friend.

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