10 exciting things every ‘Dulhan ka bhai’ should do in her sister’s wedding!

Don’t forget to pamper before she finally becomes a bride

Brothers are really hilarious as God has only sent them on the earth to irritate their sisters They can’t even spend their single day without you. Their irritating attitude is one thing that always makes you frustrated fellow.

The relationship of a brother and a sister is that of teasing each other. They can pull each other’s legs all day long without any fail.

Tell her that you love her

They never leave a chance of putting each other down in front of their friends and family. But at the end of the day, the kind of bond that have that nobody can have.

A brother may not show his emotions often but when his sister gets married, he becomes a big pool of love. For a sister, her brother is one of the most important men in her life and there are a few things that she really wants him to do at her wedding. Here are some of them:

1. Very first thing, during her wedding always assure her you are always there to back her up.

2. As she is going to turn bride soon, so take up a responsibility and ask her from time to time if she wants you to get anything from the market.

3. Since your lovely sister who is undoubtedly devil for brothers will be loaded with her own work, she would want you to help her to book the vendors.

4. In order to make your sister has the best wedding, see that the instructions she gave to everyone are followed properly.

Tell her that you are siblings first

5. Feed her while she is getting her mehndi done.

6. Don’t forget to hit the dance floor at her wedding. Show your monkey side she will love to see that.

7. Invite her all the friends. Close one to who is an acquaintance to her. She will love to see them all together.

8. Ensure her nothing will change after the marriage. Her place is equally hers.

9. Take the responsibility of taking her to the makeup artists and bringing her to the wedding venue.

10. The most important thing that your sister wants from you is to tell her that her will not change the fact that you are siblings first.

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