10 Creative Ways to say sorry: Just say it

10 creative ways to melt their heart

Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego. Fights in a relationship is a sign of healthy relationship.

So if you are also trying to melt his or her heart by your sorry, here are few creative ways to say it:

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I am sorry

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1. Create secret message Leave romantic messages at the least expected place. For example: Inside the closet or under the coffee mug .Do not forget to leave hints so they can find the message.

2. Use of candy : Use candy and a tray to create ‘’I’ love you or ‘’I ‘ m sorry.

3.Record voice note: Record a sweet, little,romantic messages by using their favaorite song. You may sing along and rhyme it with I am sorry phrases.

4.Order Food : Order their favorite food and attach a note of I am m sorry for what I said when I was hungry .May this can bring an instant smile on their face.

5.Make collage: use your old photos together to make a collage and send it to their house ,office or hang in their bedroom with sorry note.

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6.Buy Bag: Buy a bag of hershey’s kisses and leave note ‘’you’re the best kisser’’.And I am sorry.

7.Sorry T-Shirt : wear I m sorry t-shirt around them all day long .it worth the embarrassment.

8.Sticky notes: use sticky note to wirte the reasons why you love this person and stick it on bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, on their desk or anywhere you want .try to make it super funny and as random as possible , it can really work well in this occasion.

9.Homemade Cake: Make a nice home made cake , use the cake icing to write down a cute little apology on top of the cake .Cake can always be a solution to apologize.

10.Buy something: Buy them something they’ve always wanted for a long time .Who could ever resist something they’ve been always longing to own.

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