10 Common Words You must replace From Your Writing Right Away!

Words You Must replace To Make Your Writing More Attractive!

Words play a vital role in our writing and attract the audience if they are different and not so plain, so if you are a lover of words, like to write or play with words, It is very important to change some words right away from your vocabulary and use different words instead of same repetitive words.

Word play

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Not only words, you can also use the substitutes of sentences which makes your writing too much verbose. It is always said that the good writing is that, which explains in short.

Here, we are telling you about some new words, and the one-word substitute you can use to make your writings more attractive and to update your vocabulary.

  • Good: Good is the most used English word. While this word is adjective of nearly anything, so instead of using good in your writings try to be more specific with the words Awesome, Superb, Tremendous etc.
  • Old: Old is a very common word used in writings. Instead of using old, you may use “ancient,” “decay” “decrepit.”
  • Catalogue: You often get confused when it comes to the framing of a sentence which so, here is the word ‘Catalogue’ which means a complete list of items.
  • Fastidious: This is the one substitute for ‘a person who is difficult to please.’

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  • Handwritten Book: We often use this word and it’s very common. Instead of using this word, you can use the word “Manuscript.”
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is a substitute for “Misappropriation of money.”
  • Fatalist: Fatalist is a word used for a person who believes in fate.
  • Young: Young is also a very common word used often by writers and even common people. You can replace young by many words like, “youthful,” naïve” or budding.
  • Feel: Feel is also the company of common English words. Try using “sense” or “discern.”
  • Homicide: Homicide is a word you can use for a “murder of a person.”

Change in words can help you a lot in enhancing your writing and a slight change in your writing can do a lot of work and connects you with the audience more effectively.

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