10 Choti- -Choti things that can change your perspective towards life!

You get what you think!  Your thoughts can make a difference 

At some point in life, we all feel hopeless. We feel directionless and everything suddenly becomes meaningless. Firstly, understand this is quite normal. It happens to everyone but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. You can always start fresh. And you know what? There are few Choti – Choti things that you can do to add flavour to your life.

Love ,Light and Life


1.The perfect cup of tea in the morning: When we start our day with the perfect cup of chai every morning. When we make it, and then, we feel its aroma. The perfect cup of chai just makes our day.

2. The soothing winds that touch your skin every evening when you stand in your balcony:  Every evening when we stand in our balcony and when winds touch our face, it just feels heaven

3.Long showers and relaxing thoughts that come to our mind: After a long tiring day, when we  finally take shower and rekindle all the beautiful moments that we had during the day gives us positivity

4.When we have our meal:  Having a meal with our family and knowing about their day revive our perspective towards life

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5.Those stupid smiles: Sometimes when we laugh at some lame and stupid jokes it makes our life happening

6.Music that heals our soul: While travelling in a metro when we tune into a radio station  and listen to some good music, it makes us happy

(Make most of it)

7. Exchanging beautiful message with your people: When we share some good messages with our people. It gives us beautiful feeling

8. Presents that just make our day:  Surprises that just make our day. When we receive unexpected presents, we cherish them for a long time, isn’t?

9.The comfort of conversations: Sometimes some non -serious conversations lead to some serious decisions. It is always fun to converse because this helps us to grow as a person

10.Our beloved sleep:  There is no better feeling than hitting our bed after a long tiring day. Our comfy bed, pillow, and our beautiful dreams, what else you want?

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