10 Biggest Video Game Developers

Checkout the list of 10 biggest video game developers

All of the 10 video game developers that you are about to witness have watched gaming go conventional and turn into one of the fastest growing industry. Gaming has been there from a very long time and today it has reached to a point of refurbishment which probably none of its founders would have ever imagined. Here is the list of 10 biggest video game developers.

Initially gaming was confined to a glare of electrons which are shot at a screen with the picture solidity. Manager inputs were very much at the x or either at the y axis’s direction.

As gaming world grew more and more popular games gathered a wider audience, technology then advanced and people started building games for PC, later this was left behind because of the general idea that computers were not suitable for games. Then came 1990, which was probably the game changing decade. It is describes as a decade which describes modern gaming.

10 Biggest Video Game Developers

It deservedly takes the first place in the list of 10 biggest video game developers in the world. This firm has been in the gallant even before gaming created its mark. Initially starting as a mere toy making company, Nintendo grew to become an international leadership with its hard work and fascinating titles.


A game lover might have played Street Fighter at least once in their life. It is Capcom’s best familiar title but you should also know that along with Street Fighter they make all the Resident Evil games, including the Devil May Cry as well as the incredible Monster Hunter.


Rockstar is a name common to many games, but Rockstar North, oxygen of the company is the producer behind super hits like GTA III and GTA IV which progressed and become few of the most prominent titles to have ever swung the market.


Amongst the gaming companies who have been in the gaming business for as long as standard gaming existed is Konami. This company takes the fourth place in the list of the 10 biggest video game developers in the world with names such as Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Silent Hill, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pro Evolution Soccer.

10 Biggest Video Game Developers
  1. ATARI

Atari is the developing agent in everything gaming relates to. Founded in1971 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney it was initially an engineering firm known as Syzygy Engineering. It built the world’s first arcade video game. However, the company has currently been lying quite low.


The North American subsidiary of Square Enix, Squaresoft was a firm which gave us one of the most amazing RPG game. It collaborated with ‘Enix’ in 2003 and became ‘Square Enix.’

  1. VALVe

Styled as VALVe, Valve gave us the genre characterizing ‘Half-Life’ games which are reflected to be some of the finest games in the gaming history. Valve is a major reason behind the greatly inventive and hugely loved Portal games, along with few recent shooter hits such as ‘Left4Dead’.


Blizzard is the company who brought into existence the world of Warcraft games which made history with their complications and fanciful large player base but also entered it into the popular culture in places which were far away from gaming.

  1. MAXIS

Best known for its own genre, Maxis created one of the most popular games in the gaming history known as The Sim series.


It is a firm behind the most notorious and dear to people genre. This include Quake games, Walfestine 3D, The Doom series along with many other games.

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