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10 Astounding Facts About Disney Princesses that you probably didn’t know

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Disney Princesses

Disney characters always fascinate children, and if we say only children, then we must be wrong because everyone wants to live fairytale.

We all love those Disney characters who take us to another world by their fancy stories and the princesses in it.

We all know about Cindrella, Snow White, Rapunzel but there are many facts which probably you didn’t know about those princesses. Here we are giving you 10 unknown facts about Disney princesses:

Disney beauties
  • Disney princesses never looked at each other in any of the Disney merchandises and nobody knows the reason.
  • Walt Disney’s favorite piece of animation is Cindrella’s dress transformation.
  • Cindrella loses her glass slipper three times in the movie as she is not in a habit of wearing such expensive slippers. Will she ever learn?
  • Princess Merida was inspired by the British model and fellow red head lilly cole.
  • Merida is also the only princess who does not have an English accent and the only princess with brothers. The only.
  • Did you know, there is a thirty years gap between sleeping beauty and Little Mermaid?
  • Princess Mulan is the only princess who is technically not the princess. Well, now it’s get confusing!
  • Disney gives a fresh to all their princesses in 2012 and 2103
  • Many high profile celebrities auditioned for the role of princess Tiana.
  • Elsa is the oldest princess among all and Snow White is the youngest.
Change is important

Most of us don’t know that the making of these princesses takes a lot of efforts when it comes to presenting them on big screen. Their uniqueness and the way they look is the reason we all love to watch Disney princesses. And if for a moment you’re denying the fact of not liking them we are sure, they once in a while catch your glance.

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