10 Appraisal Memes that we couldn’t resist sharing with our HR!  

10  Appraisal Memes by Office Memes for Working Teens that we want to share with our Boss! But we can’t

It is that time of the year once again. March & April are the months of appraisal. Simply put, ‘Yeh Woh Fal hai Jiski Chinta Sab Karte hai.’  These two months change our entire energy. Suddenly, we start loving our HR, extra work doesn’t really seem extra, we like sitting in the office for long hours. It’s like falling in love with our company all over again.  Getting a hike according to your wish is the best feeling ever. Nothing can replace the feeling of getting rewarded for your hard work! But the point is – Kya Aisa Hota hai? All the efforts that you make go to the drain when you finally get an appraisal! Here is a list of 10 Appraisal memes by Office Memes for Working Teens that are relatable AF! Aapko Dhoka Yaad Aaa Jayega! Without any further delay, let us take a look and hope for the best this year!

1. When God also decides to laugh at your plight.


2. Can you relate? What they really and what you get. Here is how the management reacts 50 Lakh Kaha se layenge hum?


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3. We hope Aapko Yaad aa rahi hongi? It’s to time treat him / her like a king or a queen.


4. What are you doing to impress your HR? Are you also sending such videos or you want us to suggest us more ideas?

5. The appraisal cannot be done without some Ilzam, right? How many you got from your boss?


6. Warning: *Don’t get fooled*

7. Who are you to expect?

8. Haha! This one is our favourite

9. Do you also perform like this? After all, its appraisal time

10. Send it to your HR & let them know what do you really want?

Office Memes for Working Teens is an Instagram page that has a plethora of hilarious memes on office life. These all are relatable AF & we just couldn’t resist sharing them with our friends and colleagues.  We cannot imagine our life without our office.  Not only we work here, but we make memories that last forever. From chatting with our office bestie to making fun of our manager ( we all do at some point), life without an office is boring and masala less. All these memes just make us laugh hard because they are relatable AF! Let us take a look at some of the most popular memes on this page.

Here, we go!

1. When your salary finally gets credited. Let’s buy a bungalow. Do you react in a similar way?

2. Haha! Because this is business & everyone looks for their own gain.

3. Yeh HR hai ye sab Janti hai. Are you also planning to apply to your last company? Here is the reaction that you are going to get from your HR.

4. The best feeling ever! The three magical words – Your Salary Credited. Do you want anything else?

5. Itni Khushi! Finally, your leaves get approved


Note: These memes are just for fun. They are not meant to offend anyone. When it comes to the office, everyone cannot be working all the time. To boost productivity and get better results it is important to have fun. These memes are the perfect way to make your colleagues laugh. Share these appraisal memes with your office bestie, manager and HR ( on your own risk) or just mention it is just for fun! They are super relatable and will surely tickle everyone’s funny bones.

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