10 Animal Welfare Instagram Pages that all of us should check

10 Animal Welfare Instagram Pages that every animal lover should follow

Earth is meant to be shared with all creatures but often animals have to face a lot of cruelty. Talking about statistics in India, during 2010 – 2020, 720 cases of crime were registered against street animals, 741 cases against working animals, 588 cases against companion animals, and 258 cases against wild animals and birds.  The rising numbers in the country are alarming. But the good news is that a lot of Non-Profit Organizations have come forward to genuinely help animals in need. Due to the age of social media, these organizations have a wider reach.  Here is a list of 10 Animal Welfare Instagram Pages that all of us should check. They are doing amazing work by changing lives. You can do your bit by volunteering or donating.

1. India for Animals –  A page by the same name is an animal rescue service page. It is based in Punjab. With more than 2000 followers on Instagram, they help animals in need.  Be it vaccination or any other medical, their team make all possible efforts to help animals.

2. Boss with Paws

Dogs are known as Man’s best friend. Boss with Paws, a page of Instagram works on animal welfare and it is an individual effort to improve the lives of distressed animals. The Non-Profit Organisation is based in Delhi. One can adopt, foster or donate to do their bit.

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3. HHHFoundation  

Based in East Delhi, the HHH Foundation is a helping hand for poor animals who are often neglected by human beings. They work for the welfare of stray animals and make all possible efforts to bring a change in an animal’s life.

4. Ram_Ved Project

Owned by animal activist Siddharth Arora, this page is trying to make a difference in animal’s life. Siddharth is an animal activist and he firmly believes compassion towards animals should be preached right from the beginning.

5.  SAW – Stray Animal Welfare with a slogan Healing Lives

Their mission is to create a bond of love between humans and animals.  The page has been managed by veterinary students. The page help animals in need, especially stray animals. The page is informative and full of transformational pictures that can make your day.

6. Paws. Society

Based in Delhi/NCR, the page is about animal rescue service. It is initiated to serve the voiceless souls. Their agenda is to make every life count. They focus on #Adoptdontshop. The organization is founded by Radhika Mishra.

7. Kannan Animal Welfare

The NGO is popularly known as KAW that works on compassion, care and commitment towards animals. With more than 6k followers on Instagram, this page is making people aware of animals rights and helping them in distress.

8. Dora Animal Welfare

The page is managed by a 15 – year –old, Vansh Tyagi. The welfare page exclusively works for the wellness of Indies. Do not forget to check out this amazing page with a lot of information and some inspiring stories. Shower your love and support the cause in whatever way you can.

9. Feel them secure

It is an animal rescue service. With 100 + followers on Instagram, the page is meant for the welfare of animals. Be it dogs or monkeys, their volunteers feed hungry animals and try to provide them with the best medical aid.

10. Animal Welfare Nasik

With more than 4k followers on Instagram, this organization is based in Nasik.  From feeding the voiceless souls to getting them the right medical attention, Animal Welfare Nasik setting an example. You can reach out to them through call as they have mentioned their emergency number in the bio. Notably, the organization also operates in Mumbai.

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