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Dr Biswaroop launches his new book “1 Question that can save your life”

Doctor Chowdhury said that Doctors do save lives but they run a cruel business by victimizing patients


Doctor Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury launched his book “1 Question that can save your life” on Saturday at the Little Theatre Group, Mandi House, New Delhi. During the launch, he briefed media about the research paper, which states that the first time in the history of the medical science, a Diabetes Type I patient after being on insulin for 7 years, could reverse the medical condition and be completely free of the dependency on insulin just through dietary modification what he calls a ‘DIP diet.’

He talked about the importance of DIP food diet saying that this diet has helped many people with Type I diseases and other diseases. Fruits and vegetables are enough for them to maintain the sugar level in the body.

Doctor Biswaroop called many people on the stage who had come from different cities to attend the event and said these people have either defeated or battling diseases successfully by following DIP diet.

He also said that Doctors do save lives but they are running a cruel business by victimizing the patients. Citing an example of Sourav Ganguly (who recently had a minor heart attack), he said that the doctor who was calling out for a regular checkup for everybody was actually trying to enlarge his business. Citing a study, he explained that people who don’t go for regular checkup are healthier and fitter.

The clinical trial of DIP was conducted by All-India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi on the spondylosis patients and reported a positive benefit in the patients in terms of reduction in pain.


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Dr Biswaroop

Why you should read this book?


Doctor Chowdhury’s book “1 Question that can save your life” with the claim “After you finish this book, a NO will be your most probable answer to doctors, who invariably offer you chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, vaccination and so-called life-saving drugs to prevent, cure or control aby of your diagnosed medical conditions.”

“Before starting your treatment, ask your doctor the most important question ‘What is the evidence, that by taking this treatment, I will be able to increase my life span or improve the quality of life in comparison to not undergoing any treatment? Your Doctor may feel uncomfortable in answering this question. Nevertheless, read this book to get evidence-based answers, which may help you in your decision-making process, and also protect you from being a victim of the modern health care system,” Doctor Chowdhury added.


Who is Doctor Biswaroop Roy?


Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, PhD in Diabetes, is known for revolutionary ‘DIP Diet’. He has authored 25 books and runs centres in India, Switzerland, Vietnam and Malaysia. Currently serving as an honorary board member of Shridhan University, India, Dr Chowdhury also runs training programs on medical nutrition and emergency life support for Lincoln University College, Malaysia. He had been working on reversing Diabetes type I through dietary modification for 12 years.


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