Why marriage is not our cup of tea?

Our generation is scared of getting settled hitched, but why?

Marriages in our Indian culture are considered one of the most sacred things. In the previous generation arranged marriages were the norm and if anyone violates it he/she was supposed to go through a lot of family drama. But with the passage of time we have changed and our attitude towards the practice of marriage has also changed completely. Millennial have lost faith in the sanctity of marriage. With an increase in divorce rates, incidences of cheating partners and people opting for live-in relationships, for most young people marriage no longer remains a priority.

Why we are scared of marriage?

1. We have become career oriented! Youngsters are more career oriented these days. We all are a part of career race. We all want to first set our careers. With the time our priorities are changed. Marriages involve becoming a part of someone else’s life, to the extent that you are basically fused into one unit. While most of us are struggling to come to terms with our own selves, the idea of being a part of and being responsible for another individual is more than what most of us bargained for. We people are looking forward for independency.

We are commitment phobic

2. Big ‘No’ to compromise: So, earlier marriages were about compromises. Both the parties had to make bit compromise and today’s generation is not very keen about this prospect. We go out with people, get into relationships, and while constantly crave for more. We always feel that we deserve better. We are not a generation who will invest themselves in building their life around someone who just is not good enough.

3. Commitment Phobia: So a lot of people now -a days- fear of making commitments, and this is a major problem. We constitute the hook-up generation, where relationships are fleeting and sexual gratification is enough to keep us going. The idea of finality that is intrinsic to marriage is enough to throw us off.

4. The concept of ‘ideal bahu’ is no longer the aim of girls: From centuries after marriage women were expected to get into the shoes of ideal women. Roles include taking care of family and children. But this is not in picture now. As more and more women are breaking societal stereotypes and striving towards achieving financial independence, marriage takes a backseat and the pursuit of ambitions has become the priority.

5. Divorces are shooting up: So, this is a major reason too why today’s generation has lost faith in marriage. Incidences of people walking out on their spouses are more frequent than ever. Our previous generations stuck together despite their marriages falling apart, owing to the taboo that surrounds getting a divorce. Residues of that taboo still remains, and our generation just does not want to go through the ordeal of getting married, if parting ways is inevitable

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