Why it’s absolutely fine to get married to guy older than you!

Why it’s absolutely fine to get married to guy older than you!
Radhika Srivastava

7 reasons to get married to guy older than you

Indeed, this is true that marriages are made in heaven. And we must say that someone has rightly said that , “Age is just the number.” Here are 7″ reasons to get married to guy older than you.

Even, many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Princess Diana, Katie Holmes, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Taylor and many more have preferred the company of older men.

It seems like that charm and stature of Saif Ali Khan, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Prince Charles, and Michael Douglas have made women go weak on their knees. Older men are always experienced than younger ones.

The women look out for stability, compatibility, learning, exploring, and being complete.

Why it's  absolutely fine to get married to guy older than you!

shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Here, are top reasons why you should marry a guy elder then you :

1. He is no longer a boy, he is a man now : Older men are financially stable, has a house, a car, and is secured about his life. He has all the material assets.

2. Will be aware of the bonding that is needed: If your man is older then you he knows very well how to bond with your parents and friends. Being older and wiser because of his age, he knows how to be in best of terms with your parents as well as knows all the key notes to turn a woman on.

3. Mature enough: Older men are always mature enough to handle your issues. Wiser by his age and experience, his intellect would match yours – which means that no unnecessary over reactions and emotional drama and sweet talks. It is a man to woman talk.

4. He has many things to share: Always keep this in your mind that older men are always have bundle of knowledge to share with you. They will love to chat with you because they are more experienced than you.

5. One of the most important reason to marry or date an older man is that, he is over the beer fights, bike rides, and all the college fiesta. All he wants now is to settle down happily ever after. He will look after a stability in her life.

6. Patient and a good listener: Older guy will never get into a small fights with you instead he will always listen you patiently.

7. He will help you to grow: Apart from the material, physical, and emotional benefits that women derive from the older mate, he helps an individual grow. He make you learn everything which is important in our lives.

No matter there is a huge generation difference or opinion difference if there is a respect for each other in a relationship, then it is always a successful marriage!

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