Reason Decoded: why do we talk while sleeping?

Reason Decoded: why do we talk while sleeping?
Inder Rawat

Do you know why we talk while sleeping?

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Has anyone told you about a conversation that occurred last night? Are you not able to remember a single thing you said last night? Unless it was a wild night out, the cause may be Somniloquy, better known as sleep talking. Here is why do we talk while sleeping. Somniloquy is a parasomnia which refers to talking loud while sleeping. It can be anything like mumbling sound, inarticulate speeches and it can occur many times during a sleep cycle.

Talking in sleep falls under the category of Parasomnias, which are turbulent sleep disorders. Night terror, sleep-walking, and bedwetting all fall under this category. Although it can be surprising, sleepwalking is generally nothing to worry about.

Sleep Disorder

Sleep Disorder

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There are 7 types of Sleep Disorders. Here is the list.

1.Obstructive Sleep Apnea: In this sleep disorder your breathing process get discontinued. It can cause irregularity in heart rate, less flow of oxygen to the brain. It can lead to heart failure, hypertension, and stroke.

Treatment: This disorder can be recognised with the help of a sleep specialist. Living of style changes like dental devices, weight loss and sleeping on your side, surgery or sleep with continuous positive airway pressure machine will also help.

2.REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Behaviour Disorder: People suffering from this disorder act out their dreams which can cause harm to themselves as well as the partner sleeping beside them particularly if the dream is violent.

Treatment: Clonazepam is a medication which is used to prevent panic disorder. People suffering from this disorder should make their room safe. Remove sharp objects and sleep alone until the condition is better managed.

3.Night Terror: Much scary than your normal nightmare. Night terror is usually common in kids and it leads to intense fear that will make your child afraid. It normally occurs two or three hours after sleep begins.

Treatment: The best way to deal with it is not to wake up your kid .Sit quietly with her and make sure that she/he doesn’t hurt herself or himself. The best thing you could to stop night terror is to reduce stress in the child’s environment, stop her staying up late at night, and create a calming bedtime routine

4.Sexsomnia: It is an abnormal activity that occur during a specific kind of sleep. Sexsomnia is a disorder in which people have the tendency of having sex while sleeping. In some cases, people masturbate, some have full intercourse, and some engage in acts they do not do while awake.

Treatment: People facing sexsomnia can do two things to effectively deal with it: First, create sleep environment safe and second, sleep alone until the condition is better managed.

5.Nacrolepsy: It is a spontaneous period of sleep throughout the day. These sleeping periods can be extremely jeopardy, depending upon what you are doing at that time, such as driving.

Treatment: Medication can be the best and the helpful way in treating the major symptoms of Nacrolepsy.

6.Sleepwalking: It usually occurs within one or two hours after a person goes to sleep. In this disorder, people often engaged in different other types of activities. It can be dangerous to you and to others. It usually occurs in children.

Treatment: Medication is necessary to get rid of this disorder. To prevent injury from sleepwalking you should take some safety measures like making the bedroom safe, and shutting doors or putting gates at staircase might be needed.

7.Insomnia: It sounds annoying than scary. It is an inability to fall asleep which can lead to a bundle of medical problems, if it’s not addressed properly.

Treatment: You can do several things to get rid of Insomnia like keep your bedroom cool, dark and comfortable. Relax yourself before going to bed, remove electronics, including your TV and phone.

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