Which color you should wear according to your sun sign?

Which color you should wear according to your sun sign?

Wear colors according to your sun sign

Colors play a very important role in our life. Colors affect our nature and behavior. Each color has its own meaning and perspective. Colors are categorized under different categories like dark, light, soothing, bright etc. One should wear colors according to their zodiac sign as it can bring a lot of good luck. A lot of people choose and like different colors. Color says a lot about your nature and personality.

zodiac sign

zodiac sign

Today, we will tell you which color you should wear according to your sun sign


Mars rules Aries. So the zodiac sign’s color of Aries is Red but the preferable color of this year is Pink. So, you should try Pink color this year for more fortune and luck.


Venus rules Taurus. Its color is Garnet. The color that your zodiac sign prefers you is Blue, Turquoise, Green and Cream.


Mercury rules Gemini. The color is Green. The color which is suggested to this zodiac sign are White, Pale, Green and Sea Green. Go with Green color on every Wednesday for good luck.

Zodiac sign in planet

Zodiac sign in planet


Moon rules Cancer. The colors which are preferable are White , Cream, and Baby Pink this year. Shades of Blue will be the awesome one if you wear it on Monday.


Sun rules Leo. The colors of this Zodiac sign are Orange and Yellow. It is going to be great if you go with Pink, Golden and Orange color this year.


The Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It is preferable if you wear Gold, Pink, Peach, Cream and Green. You should try to avoid Black and Grey shades this Year.


The ruling planet is Venus. Your colors are Black, Grey and Green. It will strengthen your luck, if you will wear Violet, Royal Blue and Baby Pink.


Mars rules on Scorpio. Its color is Red. The suggested colors are Black, Brown and Grey. Maroon and Deep Red should wear on Tuesday to enhancement of luck.

colors of zodiac sign

colors of zodiac sign


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The color of this zodiac sigh is Royal Yellow. It is suggested to wear Purple, Violet, Lilac and Blue colors. You should wear Yellow on Thursdays for your better luck.


This is ruled by Saturn. The colors are Dark Blue and Black. It is preferable to wear Grey, Black and Blue on Saturday.


The ruling planet is Uranus. It’s preferable to wear colors like Blue and Electric Blue. You shouldn’t wear Red this year.


This is ruled by Jupiter. Your colors are Red and Rose Pink. Please avoid wearing Light Blue, Sky Blue and Turquoise in this year.

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