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Whatsapp for Android gets Photo Bundling feature

Whatsapp for Android gets Photo Bundling feature
Parul Srivastava

Whatsapp rolls out new features for Android user, take a look here!

Photo Bundling Feature in Whatsapp

According to reports, Whatsapp has rolled out Photo Bundling feature for Android users and call screen is said to have been refreshed as well. Last week, the messaging app slowly started rolling out the ability to share files of any type, and now new feature of media bundling has been added to the list.

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How the photos will be shown now?

As per a report, Whatsapp beta for Android users are reporting seeing a change in the way photo bundles will be shown to the sender and recipient. Now, one can send a bunch of photos to their friends, and they will receive it as an album not as before, one after another.

Notably, this feature was rolled in iPhone earlier this month and it has been made available to android users too. With this feature photos will be shown on a single page, and this also means that people will now be able to share more pictures.

What all changes you will see on call screen?

According to the new update to the whatsapp call screen, now users have swipe up to pick the call. If you are running the latest Android beta, you will be able to avail all the new features.

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