What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

Mexican cuisine can be counted in the most sought out cuisines in the world. There are several aspects of the cuisine which make it desirable for people all around the world.

a) The different dishes in the cuisine consist of very simple ingredients. The dishes, unlike other cuisines do not have one dominating ingredient, but an orchestra of vibrant ingredients. The ingredients which are authentic and native to Mexico either have alternatives which can be used in case the authentic ones aren’t available or they can be found in the leading supermarkets.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious


b) They are easy to prepare and most of the dishes don’t take much time to prepare. So they can prove to be a great idea for quick bites and hasty morning breakfasts.Since some of the food items like burritos and tacos are easy and wrapped, they can be consumed on the go.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

Fajita Wrap

c) Almost all the dishes go easy on the taste palettes for most of the people, making most of the food simply delicious! The diverse mini-preparations and the combination of the mild, creamy and spicy textures make it extremely satisfying for tongue and belly alike.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious


d) Most of the food ingredients are not that costly, as they use the combination of staple grains like beans, corn rice, etc. with either meat products like chicken, pork or fruits like tomatoes and avocadoes, topped up with pepper and cheese.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

Guacamole on Portobello Mushroom

e)Food sides, like salsa, guacamole and tomate e coentrossalada have a fresh feel and have the potential to make for a fresh start of the day.

f) It is really healthy and nutritious, with staple ingredients like rice, beans and corn, which are rich in fiber, proteins and roughage. It has fresh vegetables and fruits which are rich in many nutrients like vitamins and minerals, while meat is rich in proteins and vitamins. Cheese has lactose, and is rich in calcium and unsaturated fats which, if consumed in moderate amounts, makes the body’s wear and tear process quick, making you healthier.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious


The reason why Mexican food has the best taste is because of its indigenous ingredient availability. The combination of the food resources available in Mexico is the main factor which makes Mexican food unique and delicious.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious


There are variations in the authentic Mexican food, depending on the regions, such as Oaxaca or Tabasco but in Mexico itself. But let’s not confuse our authentic Mexican food with the Tex-Mex Food that we get nowadays. The fusion is often complex and drives the essence of authentic Mexican cuisine, where it is neither Texan nor Mexican. Apart from the preparation, Tex-Mex food is rather commercial and is often over-priced.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

Coconut Flan

Mexican food is diverse in terms of meals too, as it has different dishes, specifically for different meals in a day, starting from breakfast, where dishes like Tacos or Taquito Flautas with Guacamole can be good options- to lunch, where heavy rolls such as Burritos or Fajita Wraps can be extremely fulfilling and satisfying.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious

Churros with Dark Chocolate dip

While Nachos and Salsa, Churros, Chimichanga or Enchiladas can be good snacking options, QuesoFundido with chorizo, Quesadillas, Mexican Casseroles and Piccadilos with rice make for good lunching options. It also has brilliant soups like Frijoles Charros, Frijoles Refritos, Frijoles Pintos, while desserts includes Pastel de queso, Crème caramel,Doce de Leite, Empanada/Pastel and Flan.

What makes Mexican Food Simple, Yet Delicious


Wait, there’s more! There are some any-time foods and sauces, apart from salsa which make it the best cuisine ever!

Tostadas: Crisp and thin tortillas often served with sour cream, guacamole, chicken, chilies etc.

Tortas: Mexican sandwiches, which are often large rolls stuffed with generous fillings

Pipian Sauce: Which is a specialty from Oaxaca and made from pumpkin seeds and often served with chicken?

Tabasco Sauce: Which needs no introduction, and it is famous worldwide. It comes from the province of Tabasco in Mexico.

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