What kind of Woman you are as per your Zodiac Sign?

Know more about the zodiac traits of wonderful females born under the 12 star signs

If you can determine personal traits of women, then you can understand her better. This will help you to build better relationship with her. Well, every woman is different because each one of them is born under a different zodiac sign. Here are few other factors that affect her personality traits.

Star Sign

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Here are some basic traits of women according to their Zodiac sign:-


The Aries women are filled with lots of energy. They enjoy to be centered by the people who understand them and who need to be in control, and to lead an active lifestyle. They like to be independent for their own happiness. They will be loyal when it comes to her family and friends.


The Taurus women are home finding types of women, they make it priority in their life. They can do anything to secure that their home run smoothly. They are hard-working and it compliments by their emotionally strong nature. Being independent is the thing they love the most and even they live their life on their own terms and conditions. They are devoted towards their loved ones.


The Gemini women are much intelligent who know their own mind. They love to face challenges and embark on adventures and travel quests. Their zest for life makes them curious and they are very keen to discover and learn about new things. Gemini women are very emotional and they could be highly prone to emotional changes.


The Cancer women are nurturing and caring, and it comes naturally come to them. Their uniqueness is that they can be emotional. They are genius at managing difficult people and situations. Their calm behavior and compassionate nature attract people towards them.



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The Leo women are full of energy and love to be the center of attention. Their independent nature and jolly nature make them popular wherever they go. They are very challenging and can face anything in life. They hate to be controlled and they would rather be the boss and control everyone else.


The Virgos women are honest and it is the main traits of them. Their simplicity, broad-mindedness and practical nature help her to deal with the most problematic situation in life in an easy way. They love to be methodical whatever they do.


Librans are gifted with the ability to create harmony and restore balance in life. They believe to deal with their problems without loud arguments or emotional displays. They hate offending people and they don’t make efforts to keep everyone happy.


Scorpion women are incredibly caring and generous soul, they are fiercely independent and determined. They always repay even about the smallest acts of kindness in a ten-fold ratio. When they fall in love, they jump into the deepest pool of emotion ever known. Everyone can learn about sexuality from Scorpio women. They are the women of extremes and their dynamic personality helps them to shine through all challenges in life.

Scorpio Women

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Sagittarius women fall in love very quickly and passionately. They are curious by nature and are keen to learn new things. Sagittarius women always speak out in front of anyone what’s on their mind. They love to do adventure and make their life exciting.


The Capricorn women love to accomplish their dreams with efficiency. They are hard working and it compliments their work. They don’t allow people to come too close to them. They don’t reveal their emotions towards anyone easily. Capricorn women are caring and loving by nature but they usually misunderstood to be the different.


The Aquarius women believe in doing what they want to do. They don’t do anything to please anyone else but her own self. They have a creative imagination and a high level of intelligence. When Aquarians fall in love, they follow their feeling for as long as they are unrestricted and free to be their self. Aquarians women love to be independent. They need a partner who is interesting enough, and don’t care much about the taboos of modern society.


The Pisces women are creative, intuitive and sophisticated. They are a sensitive soul, who is ready to help people in need. They know that what are they doing in their life and what will the consequences. But some people say they are a bit childish when it comes to sex because they are shy and sensitive by their nature.

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