What Kind of Girl are You Dating?

What Kind of Girl are You Dating?

What Kind of Girl are You Dating?

Well, dating someone is always fun, as it brings loads of good moments in our life however, if you are a guy and want to get married, you should be smart enough to choose the perfect match for yourself. And the work becomes easy if you know what kind of a girl are you dating. (This will make you more compatible with your girl.)

As a partner there are certain things that you should keep in mind that will help you to understand her better. So, here is a list of the kinds of girls with different characteristics, find out, which one you are dating:

Miss Independent: A girl who is independent can be little difficult to date as she believes in giving honest suggestions on every issue. She would like to be treated equally in the relationship and would never hurry because, for her marriage is all about taking the right decision for the right person.

What Kind of Girl are You Dating?

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As a partner, you should be supportive and you should appreciate her efforts. She may be rude at times but instead of having a clash at that particular time, you can talk to her when you hang out together.

Miss Momma’s friend: You may get irritated with her habit of talking to her mother for every small issue but you can’t change her. She will remain the way she is. If you nag her repeatedly, she would feel offended. So, as a partner you should be wise enough to balance your relations with her, by acting mature, be her friend and guide her.

Miss Gossip queen: She is the most interesting character, as she would never let you talk and will always keep on talking. She would tell you every gossip she knows, even if you are not interested in it. You may find it cute initially, but for a healthy relationship you should criticize her whenever required, otherwise it can create problems in longer run.

What Kind of Girl are You Dating?

Miss Momma’s Friend

The shopaholic: Nothing is important to her; neither you, nor her office, but the only thing that attracts her is shopping. She can shop at anytime of the day. This can make you feel alone at times since you will find her checking out accessories or dresses for herself when you are out on a date.

Hey I am the boss: She would not do it intentionally but she can’t help herself as it comes instinctively to her. Every time you talk to her you will find that she acts a little bossy. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. She will guide you as a friend at times too. You may not like her attitude but would find her interesting when she comes up with some good and innovative ideas that can help you at your worse times.

Ms. Nerd: Ms. Nerd is one who will always read books; would love to study all the time and would talk on the most serious issues of the world with you and this might bore you after a point of time.

What Kind of Girl are You Dating?

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Ms. Adventurous: She would like to try all the things which are adventurous. You may find her crazy but she would never listen to you, since it is what she likes and would also make you enjoy her company.

Ms. Pampered: She is been pampered so much by her parents that she would cry on every little thing. So, dare you yell on her!

Social Butterfly: She is one, who will have long list of friends and would always be busy in chit -chatting with her friends. You may feel alienated but she just can’t help as she is the problem solver of her gang.

Dude! I want everything perfect: She would herself be perfect in doing everything and would expect same from you. She is the perfectionist and expects everything according to her choice.

Ambitious: She is a modern ambitious girl who wants to fly in her career. Her career and office is the most important thing in her life.

Ms. Creative: You will find her cute at all times, as she would always gift you something out of the box. Beautiful cards, collage and so on which would definitely blow your mind. So, keep yourself ready for surprises.

Ms. Docile: She is the submissive one who would never yell on you, no matter what the situation is. In fact, she will remain quiet and polite. Every guy would fall for her as her politeness is the soul of her charming personality.

Miss Selfie: Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp; you can find her up-to-date on all social platforms. She would update every little incident of her life on social networking websites.

Nobody is perfect. Yet, being a partner, it is always important to be compatible with your partner to have a good and healthy relationship.

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