Wedding Wonders!

Wedding Wonders!

“It believe that every woman has an individual beauty which we frame and enhance,” says Anna Schimmel, the wonder woman when t comes to creating astonishing and enthralling wedding gowns.


Excerpts from an interview with award winning London based fashion designer Anna Schimmel, whose forte is wedding trousseau.


You design all kinds of clothes from classic to contemporary, from skirts to gowns, then how did you end up focusing on wedding gowns?

I have an extensive background in fashion and have risen through the ranks over my many years in the clothing industry. My talents are in practical art and fashion came naturally to me. I laid the groundwork with a dressmaking apprenticeship then worked as a dressmaker for an Haute Couture designer. Ten years later I had finished my master at one of Europe’s best fashion schools, the German Master School of Fashion. From there I was employed as a patternmaker at a large Haute Couture house in Munich, following which I ran a theatre costume workshop for several years.


High Society Bridal

Due to this varied experience and training I am strong in many aspects of high end woman’s clothing. With the New Zealand market being small, and the fashion market highly competitive, bridal was a niche which suited me well.


Offering an excellent, exclusive product it is relatively easy for us to stand out through quality and service.


How would you describe your design style point of view?

Our wedding dresses are very feminine and romantic. I believe that every woman has an individual beauty which we frame and enhance, letting her personality shine.


Your gowns are custom made why this restriction?

New Zealand is overflowing with wedding dress imports of all kinds, usually mass manufactured, cheaply. We pride ourselves on manufacturing locally to a very high standard and we use beautiful imported fabrics – French laces, hand-beaded designer details from India, fine silks and more.


Creating such beautiful gowns comes with a price tag and brides see more reason to commit to the cost if a wedding dress is custom made for them only.


High Society Bridal

However, after ten years of creating exquisite wedding dresses, building a brand and a superb team, we are now ready to spread our wings and are looking into opportunities for an online shop for next year.


What makes your collection unique?

Our wedding dresses stand for timeless European style and quality with a distinct contemporary edge. In keeping with the relaxed South Pacific feel our gowns are soft, light and a little whimsical, which makes each gown feel feminine, highly romantic and subtly sexy.


What style of wedding gown is the most popular today?

Wedding dresses are now very strongly influenced by fashion, trends change almost daily and looks seem to move very fast. Interestingly, this feeling of constant change is superficial as wedding dresses by definition are designed to be timeless and classic, albeit often with a current twist.


Who do you most like to see wearing your wedding gowns and why?

Beautiful, happy women – for the obvious reasons.


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