Warning signs of Alzheimer to be kept in mind

Warning signs of Alzheimer to be kept in mind

Here are warning signs of Alzheimer that one should keep in mind

All of us have a habit of further forgetting things on a daily basis, but when that forgetfulness becomes serious; it is some sort of serious matter of concern. There is a possibility that you might be suffering from Alzheimer. Here are warning signs for Alzheimer that should be kept in mind.

There are many reasons for memory loss, which include deficiency of vitamin B12, and brain, thyroid, kidney, or some liver disorders.
However, there are several other symptoms, apart from the frequent memory loss, that could be a sign of approaching Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Recognizing these signs of dementia can further help lead to a quicker diagnosis.

Warning signs of Alzheimer to be kept in mind

Warning signs for Alzheimer to be kept in mind

Mood swings and agitation:

People with AD may often seem to get you anxious and agitated. They can appear restless, move around a lot, pace up and down, get frequently upset in certain places or become fixated on a particular subject.

Fear, confusion, fatigue, and also a feeling of being overwhelmed are a few things that could further result in agitation. Rapid and seemingly unprovoked mood swings for no apparent reason are another sign of dementia. A person who is suffering from AD can go from calm to tearful to angry without any reason.

Misplacing things:

If you begin to further find small household things like keys, socks, remote, etc. It is very much possible that one of your family members is suffering from dementia.

Routinely discovering other “missing” items in some strange spots is usually a strong indicator of a person suffering from dementia. They will leave them in unusual places and will then later be unable to retrace their steps to find them. There might also be moments when they will become suspicious and accuse someone else of hiding or stealing their belongings.

Warning signs of Alzheimer to be kept in mind

Symptoms of Alzheimer

Difficulty with familiar tasks:

Everyday tasks become a routine for us. But, for people suffering from AD or dementia, completing the tasks they have been further doing all their lives, may suddenly become difficult to do. For example, they may even have trouble boiling water in the kitchen.

Confusion with time or place:

If you have ever notice a family member forgetting where you live, getting easily lost and also losing track of dates, seasons and the passage of time, they could be suffering from dementia. For example, you may have left the room for about an hour, but a person with dementia will think you’ve been gone for two weeks.

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