Unimaginable rituals associated with Menstruation across the world!

Unimaginable rituals associated with Menstruation across the world!
Radhika Srivastava

Celebration to Isolation: This is all about getting down!

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon and every girl goes through it. They suffer from severe cramps that might become hurdle in their works. India is not only the country which considers menstruation impure but there are many more countries which find it impure. Apart from myths, there are some weird rituals that are associated with Menstruation in all over the world.

Indeed menstrual cycle is surrounded by myths, customs and rituals. From not being allowed in the kitchen to separate huts and special celebration to mark the start of the menstrual cycle, here are some bizarre menstrual rituals. Though we are educated and civilised people now, but still menstrual cycle, menstruation or menses is a taboo in India.

Menstruation myths

There are several rituals, customs and myths associated with this natural process and not just in India, but across the world. These traditions are usually followed by the non-western societies and may seem bizarre to others. Lack of formal education and poor understanding of reproduction, menstruation and puberty contribute to these beliefs.

Here, are some weird rituals that you might not aware of:

1. First Menstruation calls for a huge celebration in South India: In South India, the first menstruation is celebrated by the family of the girl and the celebration is usually as big as a marriage. The menarche (first period) is considered as an important event in the girl’s life. Once the girl starts menstruating, she stays in a separate room. People visit her and bring gifts for her. Sweets and flowers are also brought for the girl. On the last day of her menses, she is given a ceremonial bath by her mother and other women. She is gifted new clothes and ornaments to wear for the ritual. These ornaments are of pure gold. She is given a lamp and the griha pravesh ceremony is performed.

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2. Sex during Menstruation is forbidden in Indonesia: In Indonesia, intercourse is forbidden during menstruation. It is believed that having sex during menstruation increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases as the menstrual blood is considered toxic. In other cultures like Judaism and Islam, sexual contact is forbidden when the women is menstruating. Well, that’s right that Menstruation is not a right time to get horny but please not because of this reason.

3. Menstrual isolation in many cultures: Menstrual isolation is a common practice in India, Nepal and Bali. The menstruating girl is not allowed in the kitchen or to enter the house. In some tribes, there are special huts where women are confined during their periods. In many Brahmin households in south India, the menstruating woman is given a separate room and separate utensils during those five days. She is also not allowed in the kitchen or in the area where the family’s idol is kept. During this period, she is also not allowed to do activities like drawing, singing or stitching. She cannot touch musical instruments or other tools used for important activities.

4. Slaughtering of goat in South Africa: People of the ethnic group of South Africa, the Zulu, have a special ritual for the girl who starts menstruating. When a girl gets her first period, she takes a blanket and covers her head. Then she finds a place to hide till sunset. She is then secluded from her friends and a goat is slaughtered. The next morning she is bathed and other women of the community give her lessons of womanhood.

5. Honoring menstrual blood among Bauls of Bengal: Baul, a group of mystic minstrels from Bengal, includes people who have renounced the norms of society and live by singing Baul songs and begging. They have a different view about menstruation and menstrual blood. They honor substances that are considered unclean by the society. For them, having intercourse with a menstruating woman is not taboo. Their ideology also includes ingesting menstrual blood. For Bauls, menstrual blood is a regenerating substance and it brings love, prosperity and happiness.

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