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Travel Freaks: 5 Best Places to Visit during Monsoon in India

Travel Freaks: 5 Best Places to Visit during Monsoon in India
Akhil Singh

Travel Freaks this one for you!

The Southern part of India is a paradise when it comes to monsoon, and when it is about enjoying the weather then Kerala is on top.

Breath Taking shots

Breath Taking shots

Munnar, Kerala

The fresh air, the tea gardens and a beautiful surrounding which will make your day and it will give the utmost pleasure of monsoon. The mountains are just breath-taking, as they are covered half with mist greenery which is not very common in the country now-a-days.

Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Meghalaya is not behind when it comes to giving you a lifetime memory of your enjoyment in Monsoon. It is the second wettest place on the planet. All the 365 days are covered with rain, you will find honey flower and the tea cannot be avoided, what else we want when it is raining and we get the tea in our hand, not the usual one but the one from Meghalaya.

Lahaul – Himachal Pradesh

It will provide the most adventurous activities like skiing and the bonus is the yak safari. It is blessed with natural beauty. You can find the religious side there with beautiful shrines and pilgrimages.

Palaces in Bikaner

Palaces in Bikaner

Bikaner, Rajasthan

It is considered as a dry state but no when you will visit Bikaner in monsoon, you will get the glimpse of beautiful Rajasthan. You will get the old views like the temples and huge havelis. And the best part is for girls because you will get the Rajasthani jewellery there in bulk.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

It is the most visited place for young couples and why would it not be that way, the roadways are mind-blowing and when you are driving down to Mussorie, it is just breath-taking.

So you can visit any of these places this monsoon!

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