Train your brain: how to improve your concentration?

Train your brain: how to improve your concentration?
Parul Srivastava

Here is how you can improve your concentration

In the world of competition we all want to reach pinnacles of our life. But not all of us get the opportunity to reach our goal. Today, we are exposed to a lot of social media platforms, and staying away from them is just next to impossible. Notably, this exposure hinders our growth and distract us from our work. But to get effective results, one has to train his/ her brain to improve their concentration level. Here are few ways to improve your concentration.

improve your concentration

Here is how you can concentrate better

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1. Conquer your procrastination: We all go through this face and procrastination is common in all of us, but procrastination on a regular basis can land you in trouble. And next time when you are about to postpone a responsibility ask yourself, “Do I have to do this?” And if you have to complete that work eventually then you should start early because postponing it will only increase your burden.

2. Try to stay away from temptations: While you are working try to stay away from the temptations. Playing games, chatting with friends or just surfing net can give you pleasure, but remember this will only affect your work. It will also decrease the efficiency of your work.

3. Prioritize: In order to prove our worth, we quickly jump from one task to task, creating illusion of work – but in real you are accomplishing nothing. Because you are not able to concentrate better. So, it is important set your priorities right for effective results.

improve your concentration

Stay away from distractions

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4. Take short breaks: Do you know why do students have classes of 40- 60 minutes? Because our mind cannot concentrate after a certain period of time. We can be masters at focusing, but still our mind need break to give its best. So, it is always advisable that you should take short breaks

5. Avoid Multitasking: If you have concentration issues then you should avoid multi-tasking because it will only increase your stress. And you would land up doing nothing



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