Thought Management

Thought Management

In the previous article we discussed monitoring our thoughts to create genesis of actions which bring us joy.

How do we identify which thoughts bring us joy, and which do not?

By remembering simple guidelines as to what thoughts and actions to NOT ‘do’, one starts creating new neural pathways in their brains for experiences which do not bring about pain and anguish. Simply put, all thoughts which give away our power to another, be it a person or a situation, we give away our ability to change our lives, akin to a captain of a ship giving away the rudder control of his ship to a complete stranger, and then complaining about the stranger taking his ship in a completely different direction from the one the good Captain intended.

These thoughts and actions include – jealousy, gossip, poking fun at others, complaining, etc., resulting in scarcity, ridicule, unworthiness at work in relationships, and most importantly with oneself, the feeling of being victim.

Jealousy is an emotion which implies lack within, an inability to have that and those – be it things, persons, etc. in one’s life. The jealous person is thinking “Lucky____. He/she is so______, and does not deserve this__________. I am so good, yet I do not have________. This is so unfair!” Wishing he/she too had the object of their covetedness. Interestingly, what really happens is that since the Universe works on vibrations, and that the Universe is our best friend, and always gives us what we ask for, what the Universe hears is ‘ My friend wants and likes lack. So, let me give him/her some more’.

As a result, the jealous person gets more and more opportunities to be jealous, and feels more and more dejected and unworthy. What our friend has done, is unwittingly given away their rudder control to the emotion of VICTIM.

All our thoughts and actions, which give away our power to the energy of VICTIM, which keep us away from bringing in and living in a state of Divine Blissful Love are the ones we have to consciously remember and change to ones of Plenty, of Joy and Happiness – Contentedness, and as a result, we start taking back the rudder control of our respective ships.



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