These signs will proof that a person is lying to you!

These signs will proof that a person is lying to you!
Why do people lie?

Catch Liars : 3 signs will proof that a person is lying to you

Well, people lie in every walks of life. It has become common now. Isn’t it? But difficulty level raises when you have to identify whether person next to you is lying to you or not? Brother can lie to sister, husband to wife, mom to son and so on. Here are few signs that can proof that a person is lying to you.

There are slight hints within our body language that can tell you if someone is lying.

Not only does it hurt to be lied to, but it can put you at a disadvantage since you will have false information, which ultimately affects your decision-making.

Lying for personal gain or gratification is a dishonest personal trait and it can ruin your entire life.

Infidelity, cheating partners is breaking the trust which can affect your life seriously.

Here, are some signs or you can say body language that can actually give you a hint that person is lying to you. Just have a look:

These signs will proof that a person is lying to you!
Why do people lie?

1. Eye movement

Eye movement can easily help you in identifying whether person is lying to you or not. When a person lies, they utilize the opposite side of their brain from the side used to remember a factual event.

A person’s eyes shift in the direction of the side of the brain that is being used when they answer a question. There is no guarantee but it can be helpful.

2. Examine their facial expressions

Facial expressions have potential to reveal a lot about you. We unconsciously use what social scientists refer to as “micro-expressions” like momentary facial ticks to quickly understand someone. Well, a true emotion will usually affect both sides of a person’s face equally. When a person smiles, look for facial symmetry, as this will indicate a genuine emotion.

A fake smile can be easily spotted when a person is using just the muscles of the mouth rather than their whole face as though they would with a genuine smile.

3. Read arms and hands gestures

Normally, people use their hands and arms while talking.When a person lies they tend to keep their hand and arm movements close to their body, keeping everything compact and close-in. Specially when people lie they use their hands on their face like rubbing nose.

Well, these three are golden signs that can really helpful for you. So what you have to do is just observe.

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