The World is his canvas

The World is his canvas

Making one’s passion one’s career is definitely not a walk down the park but Gunjit Purswani is among those who have turned their dreams into reality. Claiming the world to be his Canvas, Gunjit Purswani, the mind behind Graffiti Inkorp, shares his story with One World News, in an exclusive interview.

Tell us something about yourself?

I am 23 years old and have a bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering. As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with art and the hip-hop culture.

It was around the age of seventeen when I started my experimenting with spray paints and decided to combine both my passions and instantly, got a hang of it.Initially, I started off as an enthusiast by spray painting my friends’, my own bedroom walls and house and basically any other wall I was allowed to work on.


It was after I started getting appreciated for my work, I found out that there was a whole niche` market which was left unexplored and unexploited. It was then in 2010 that I started offering my work, professionally.

Simultaneously, I continued with automobile engineering. However, during my final year I realized that I would have to make a choice between taking graffiti seriously as a profession or just doing the mundane nine to five job in an office.

That is when I started devoting majority of my time, trying to widen my horizons by learning new techniques as well as hiring and training various local paintbrush and airbrush artists to increase my capacity to work and make the work even more professional. I have a team of over fifteen artists and designers under me, who work on various projects simultaneously under my strict guidance to ensure that the clients get the best for their money.

My work has also been mentioned in various magazines and daily newspapers as well.

What is Graffiti Inkorp?

Graffiti Inkorp is a place where one gets an opportunity to give their walls a complete new look through graffiti art. It has now developed into a company which caters to all art related needs. Our techniques include spray-painting, hand painting and airbrushing. We paint walls, furniture, helmets, gadgets and just about any workable canvas you can think of. Custom painting /airbrushing all kinds of bikes and cars is something new that we have started practicing as well. We command a very talented design team headed by me as well as other artists who specialize in web art, photoshop, adobe etc. and design logos, interior décor and all kinds of custom design and art.


Graffiti Inkorp has been associated with Suzuki, Sattviko food chain, 3D cafe and lounge Cafe LPK, The Orange Group, Cafe LaKasa, Crosstrain Fight Club, The Arab Street cafe, Torque Studios, Leo Burnett, Indicon, Cafe Ghalib, the interiors including the furniture of club 3D and a lot more personal spaces giving them their expression and personality on their walls and anywhere else where our work is needed.

So, if you are bored of simple and uninspiring wall paints, then let Graffiti Inkorp be your window of expression.

‘Truly the world is our canvas’.

Why have you chosen graffiti to express your art?

As I told earlier, hip-hop music and graffiti were very fascinating for me. The carefree nature of these art forms is what I love about it. Moreover, your creativity does not get limited to a small canvas.

What is art for you?

Art for me is a way of expressing beyond boundaries. Art makes you a creator. You create something, you work on it and when you’re done and see the final result, the feeling that you have is the ‘essence of art’.


What other forms of art interests you?

All art forms are unique and creative in their own way. Whenever I look at a new piece of art, I get fascinated and start thinking about what would have been the artist’s idea behind the art work.

What has been your inspiration?

Well, there is no such specific inspiration that I can trace my art back to. I always loved painting as far as I can remember.

What were your Career plans and how have they changed?

I always wanted to have a car customization business where I could customize cars and have custom airbrush paintjobs done on them. I even studied automobile engineering. But while I was still working towards my plans I realized my passion towards graffiti. And finally ended up working as a graffiti artist.

When you chose this path, what was your family’s reaction?

My family has always supported me for whatever I do. They have never questioned my decisions in life. They love my art and always take interest in my projects and keep visiting my work sites to see the art that is going on the walls and appreciate it.

What is the best compliment you have received and the best experience you have had so far?

I was recently painting for a brand called ‘Quiksilver’ for an event they organised. So there was this skater who was skateboarding there. He saw me painting and spoke to me. We had a good conversation for about five minutes in which he told me how he is fascinated by graffiti and so on. Then he asked me if he could get a picture clicked with me. It was really touching and by far my best experience. It feels good to be appreciated for what you do.


How do you make your art?

I just get my spray cans, put on my headphones and let it all lose! There is no methodology involved as such!

How you de-stress yourself?

I de-stress myself the way anyone of my age would do. I hang-out with my friends, chill a bit and have a good time.

Any message, which you would want to convey to our readers?

If you love graffiti and want to try it, just get a spray can and paint. The plus point to this art form is that it is very easy to cover up the mistakes. Wherever you go wrong, you can easily paint over it. So do not hesitate, rather just give it a shot. And whenever you want some professional help in painting your walls, Graffiti Inkorp is just a call away! You can reach us on our website or on Facebook:

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