The Truth behind Anti-Aging Creams

The Truth behind Anti-Aging Creams


The beauty market is flooding with anti-aging lotions and creams.


The manufacturers claim to provide instant and magical results but the truth behind the entire claim is not at all as projected to be.


Do not instantly believe at what is shown in advertisement. Authenticate your facts before believing in them.


BBC conducted a study ‘Horizon’ in collaboration with the University of Manchester and analyzed the effects of anti-aging creams.


‘Horizon’ referred a variety of anti-aging creams to the experts at the University of Manchester who tested their efficacy and forwarded the results.


During the testing about 60 volunteers were enrolled for a span of six months. The study revealed that called Boots No. 7 Protect or Perfect Beauty Serum in England and Boots No. 7 Restore or Renew in Northern American markets provided good results.


The scientists discovered that the Boots cream corrected the damage caused by aging process and slowed down the formation of wrinkles.


Chris Griffiths, the Professor of Dermatology at Manchester University ,”At both basic science and clinical levels, Boots No7 Protect & Perfect has been shown scientifically to repair photo-aged skin and improve the fine wrinkles associated with photo-ageing.”


The Truth behind Anti-Aging Creams




The active ingredients if the Boots lotions and creams consisted of Vitamin C, ginseng, mulberry, white lupin flower extracts and amino acids derivatives.


According to 2006 Consumer Reports, a variety of products such as La Prairie Cellular and Lancome Paris Renergie were analyzed. The one product that emerged as a winner was Oil of Olay Regenerist range of anti-aging products.


After testing for 12 weeks it was noted that wrinkles reduced by 10 percent.


So, the studies showed that some anti-aging creams were effective in reducing wrinkles. However the results may vary from individual to individual.


The beauty experts also said that adverse effects such as irritation, rashes or redness, pain, burning and itching are also associated with some beauty products.


Be careful and take the advice of a dermatologist or a cosmetologist before using an anti-aging cream.




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