The Rights of Persons with Disability Bill will cover 14 new categories: Reports

The Rights of Persons with Disability Bill will cover 14 new categories: Reports

Here are salient features of Rights of Persons With Disability Bill that you should know

Many people are suffering from disabilities like, thalassemia, haemophilia, sickle cell disease and other illness will now get more benefits of government schemes for disabled, including reservation in scholarship, jobs, travelling and pension.

Disable right group

Disable right group

Do you know the features of Rights of Persons with disability bill?

Under Disabilities Act 2016 people who are suffering from dreadful diseases, countless illnesses will be covered. State and central government will ensure any newly-added disabilities to this category with all the benefits and rights. There are around 8 lakh disabled people living in the state out of which 6.50 lakh people are living in rural areas and the remaining people are living in urban areas.

Acid attack survivors

Acid attack survivors

Under the new act, the government has added more types of disabilities. Disability Act 2016 is now covering 14 new categories of mental and physical condition.

The act will provide the right of seven special categories to the acid attack victims, which includes blindness, low vision, and locomotive disability, hearing problem, mental problems and leprosy. Benefits of schemes are extended to those who are suffering from low vision, leprosy, hearing problem, mental retardation and mental illness.

Notably, now the acid attack survivors will be treated in disabled category but this will come into effect from next month. The step has resolved a lot of problems for them, especially if we talk about job opportunities

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