The Refugees in India

The Refugees in India

An exhibition of photographs was held at the India International Centre, New Delhi from June 21 to 29, 2014 on the occasion of World Refugee Day(June 20). The exhibition by Raghu Rai portrayed images of the refugees from different parts of the world who have resided in India.

India, since long has been home to many refugees from various countries. Be it the Parsi community which came to India in the tenth century or the Tibetans who started arriving in the country with Dalai Lama in 1959, it also included the refugees from Myanmar or Afghan. These different communities have been living and working freely in India since years now.


When Tibetans came to India in 1959, the Indian government received them very warmly. They have settled well off in the country and have become self-sufficient with the support of the government. Eighty percent of the total Tibetans today reside in India itself. The movement of Pakistani Hindus to the country has been regular since 1947. Even when the majority of them have migrated to Pakistan, a lot of Pakistani Hindus are still putting up in India. Others like Sri Lankan Tamil refugees have also been migrating to India since 1983. At present, more than 60,000 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees have been living in 100 refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is authorized to co-ordinate international action to protect and assist refugees and to help identify permanent solutions for them. Established in 1950, UNHCR is presently aiding more than 40 million people in 125 countries. It has collaborated with the Government of India in supporting refugees.


India has shown a very generous approach towards the refugees by giving them complete support and making them self-reliant. The country by doing this has justified its age old saying, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means the whole world is but one family.

Picture Courtesy : Sameep Tawakley, One World News

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