The night full of fantasies finally came: My wedding night!

No girl in this world can tell how she will look on her wedding, until the day finally comes. That day came in my life too. All the wedding rituals were over and I was finally in my in- laws house, the so called ‘Saasuraal’.

I was wearing a blue color lehenga, just like Sonam wore in Dolli Ki Dolly that was my favorite and it was prepared on a special request. It was of 30 kg with golden embroidery all around.  The Dupatta was 8 kg heavy with beads tucked on it, which were singing in chorus with every walk of mine.

Bridal Girl

I was surrounded by a lot of people but, I hardly knew anybody except some of them. I was quite relaxed because the person, who was sitting next to me had been known to me for last 8 months, my husband.

Some last moment rituals were going on but I was continuously checking my phone. Actually, I was waiting for my mom’s call I was eagerly waiting to talk to her.

In between rituals the joke session was on. His cousins were cracking jokes on our first night. He might be enjoying it,  but the little mention about it was giving me goose bumps.

Bridal Girl

I was not so nervous at the time of boards or job interview but the of first night feeling was freaking me out.  It was my first time and wanted him to know that I want to take things slow; I mean we hardly knew each other.  But then, I didn’t have any option after all, he could have his own expectations and I can’t ruin them completely.

After half n hour I was taken to my room oops! our room. It was beautifully decorated with white and purple balloons and red roses. All around scented candles were lighten that were enough to drive a person crazy.

I made myself comfortable on that soft round bed, which was fully occupied with heart shaped cushions.  One hour passed but he was still out. I was scrolling through my whatsapp. There were 200 messages, everyone was congratulating

Bridal Girl

Suddenly, I heard him talking on phone, he was about to reach our room and finally he entered.  He had already changed his clothes; he was wearing grey color lower with black T- shirt and a leather jacket as we got married in December so it was pretty chill outside.

He switched off his phone and said I don’t want anybody to disturb us…………. To be continued

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