The Lollipop Experience: Android 5.0

The Lollipop Experience: Android 5.0

The Lollipop Experience: Android 5.0

The android operating system has been around for a while now. The latest addition to the android family, Lollipop has been an anticipated update since the rumors.

The Lollipop Experience: Android 5.0

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The Android Lollipop, or Android 5.0 is said to be the most stable and swift release of the mobile OS till date. Despite the bugs and issues in the initial release on the Nexus devices, the Lollipop OS is still desperately awaited on most Non-Google Devices. The Motorola Moto G received the update last week and while not flawless, the Android 5.0 is pretty darn good. Samsung also released the update for some of its Galaxy devices this week.

The Lollipop OS has a new interface, a more peppy notifications panel and Google Now integration on the home screen and lock screen. Using the android OS has become even simpler than before and despite the occasional lag, the operating system works well.

The Lollipop Experience: Android 5.0

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Google has implemented a new runtime called the ART, rather than the Dalvik which gives a more smooth and even performance. The Android 5.0 has a new keypad as well. The eye candy offered is more than enough to keep the user satisfied.

The one thing that seems to bother us is the while background on the main menu, which should have been customizable. The increased level of integration of the Google account makes using online apps much easier.

Some users have reported bugs in the operating system, such as battery drain, wifi connectivity issues and lag. The current version of the OS is 5.0.2 and further updates are to follow in which the user can expect fixes to these issues.

Overall, the Lollipop experience is pretty decent and using the phone is a much more pleasurable experience.

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