The lesser known invention

The lesser known invention

Gadgets like laptops, I-pads and smart phones are the ones which come to mind, when we think of technology. Indeed, we have become accustomed to these machines because of the benefits they offer. But how often, do we make an effort to search and know about technology that has helped to improve our environment. Very rarely! Maybe that is the reason why even a interesting invention like the ‘Pencil Pusher’ has not yet received much recognition around the world.

According to a survey by Clean Air Council, an average person uses 175 pounds of paper every year. This has nothing but led to the emergence of many ‘Save Paper’ initiatives around the world. You must have come across the phrase ‘Think before you print’ on many printers and e-mail signatures which offer double side printing, trying their bit to conserve the environment. Another addition to this league is the ‘Pencil Pusher’ which looks a bit like a three-hole punch, crossed with an electric pencil sharpener. The machine was a finalist in the 2010 ‘Lite-On Awards’, an international competition that seeks to stimulate and nurture innovation.

Here’s how this pencil making gadget works and the reason for why it is lesser known!

You insert waste paper into a feed slot, the machine draws the paper, rolls it in and then converts it into a pencil. A pencil lead and some amount of glue are inserted in specific chambers and then a No.2 pencil slides out from the hole on the side. Although, the count of how many papers make one pencil is not clear but certainly, a decent amount of pencils can be generated by the end of a month, in any office.

The machine invented by Chengzhu Ruan, Yuan Yuan Liu, Xinwie Yuan and Chao Chen requires you to maintain a stock of pencil lead and glue to keep up with the working of the gadget.

We are least concerned about our environment, probably, the reason why this pencil making gadget cannot be found in our offices. However, environmentalists believe that the ‘Pencil Pusher’ has a promising future as it adds value to the process of creating a greener world.

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