The Dose of Laughter at Zephyr: Kanan Gill at SRCC

The Dose of Laughter at Zephyr: Kanan Gill at SRCC

The Dose of Laughter at Zephyr: Kanan Gill at SRCC

English Literary Society of Sri Ram College of commerce, on the occasion of their annual cultural and literary fest, Zephyr 2015 played host to the well-known stand-up comedian, musician, writer, and blogger, Kanan Gill. The auditorium was jam packed, and in spite of the heat and commotion, the whole auditorium was full of energy and excitement. The audience couldn’t hold their thrill when Kanan Gill showed up.

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He started by a comic salutation to the audience by the way he does the best, joke about it. His jokes which are audience-specific, was quite evident, where he interacted with quite a few people from the audience. His jokes were new, different and came out of the general and conventional envelope and touched the social aspects. His jokes were based on sarcasm but the satire was of a positive nature. His jokes had subtle and of-the-face jokes on the stereotypes and patriarchy. His jokes were based on specific statements, and the elaborations were what added the comic element to it.

Apart from the social aspects, he also touched the few superstitious aspects of society like sun signs and horoscopes. Between matchmaking and “typical aspects” of the various sun signs he also made it evident that horoscopes aren’t always reliable.

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Next he talked about how people are attracted to their opposite sex, and how the conversation, differs from the level of attractiveness. His jokes had the element of subtly making fun of all the negative aspects of the society and presenting in a comic manner.

He also touched on subjects which are currently prevalent in the present day, like eve teasing, male ego and social pressures on men. He also followed the elementary “airport” comic theme, which is, taking the most common scenarios and getting jokes out of it. But his airport jokes were again new, and discussed normal, yet extremely hilarious. The crowd cheering, especially his female fan following was evident by their presence in the first quarter of the seats in the audience. He also followed one of the classic elements of stand-up comedy, i.e. putting himself as the protagonist of the jokes.

He concluded his show with one of his bus journeys, and how people attend to the natures call.

The whole auditorium was roaring with laughter, at his wit and comic timing.

Post event, he was presented the memento as a token of thanks and appreciation.

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