The 1993 Bomb Blast verdict announced today

The 1993 Bomb Blast verdict announced today
Akhil Singh

All eyes on the verdict of 1993 Bomb Blast

One of the most violence and devastating crimes in the Indian history is the Mumbai 1993 blast, it was a series of 12 bombings that killed nearly 257 people and left 713 people injured. It happened on 12th March 1993. Notably, it was the outcome of the riots that killed many Muslims. It was taken out from the D-company.The blasts took place at the Bombay Stock Exchange, Katha Bazaar, Lucky petrol pump near Sena Bhavan, opposite Passport office near Century Bazaar, Fishermen’s colony at Mahim Causeway, at basement of Air India Building, Zaveri Bazaar, Hotel Sea Rock, Plaza Theatre, Centaur Hotel (Juhu), Sahar Airport (Bay no.54) and Centaur Hotel (near Mumbai airport).

Representative Image

Representative Image

The accused

Abu Salem was accused of transporting weapons from Gujarat to Mumbai, the one which was found in Sanjay Dutt’s house. He transported AK 56 rifles, 250 bullets and some hand grenades. Mustafa Dosais was considered the mastermind of this heinous crime as the planning was done by him.

The Verdict

Abu Salem, Mustafa Dosa, Mohammad Dosa, Feroz Abdul rashid khan, Tahir Merchant and Karimulla Khan are found guilty in the bomb blast as the court verdict came out which found 7 people guilty in the case. Apart from all of them, Tahir Merchant, Feroz Abdul and Rashid Khan are also found guilty as they were the conspirators.

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