Ten Reasons Why Being a Woman is Wonderful!

Ten Reasons Why Being a Woman is Wonderful!


Being woman is not synonymous with being physically weak and delicate. It has much more to it. In present world being woman is something to relish and be proud of.


Ten Reasons Why Being a Woman is Wonderful!

Here are mentioned some important reasons why womanhood is a thing of joy and pride.


Excellent communication skills:

Women have great communication skills. Studies have shown that females have superb communication abilities.


Ten Reasons Why Being a Woman is Wonderful!



Less probability of dying of melanoma:

Since most of the women apply SPF 30 sunscreen before stepping out in the sun, they are less likely to suffer from melanoma.


Live longer:

Females usually live longer as compared to their male counterparts. Giving vent to one’s feelings is an important reason why women keep serious illnesses at bay and live healthy.


Enjoy a variety of outfits:

Women are privileged in having access to a variety of good dresses and shoes. Dressing up is a treat for women as they have plenty of things to choose form. Good pair of shoes, trendy stylish bags, well plaited hair, beautiful hairpins, hair bands, beautiful bracelets, attractive watches, etc. are just few things to make women attractive, beautiful and stylish.


Amazing women personalities of the world:

Great women such as Razia Sultan, Sarojini Naidu, Mother Teresa, etc. have earned both respect and popularity from all and sundry.


Females don’t have to wait long to reach the sexual height:


Well, this is strange but true! Women can have orgasm easily and are sexually more active than males.


Can enjoy motherhood:

Women are blessed by the Almighty to bring a new life in this world. They are mothers- an experience that is beyond the imagination of men. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing in this entire world.


Women are a excellent multi-tasker:

Studies have revealed that women are capable of multi-tasking. They can be a mother, working women or a housewife all at the same time. They perform their duties with full commitment and devotion.


Smarter than most men:

Scientists are of the opinion that women are smarter than men. From common sense to IQ tests, women have outshined men.


Females are cleaner than ALL men:

Females are more hygiene-conscious and keep their things clean and tidy. Men on the other hand keep their desks and rooms shabby and messy.


So, after reading theses interesting points, you will realize how important and privileged you are being a woman!




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