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Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions. She teaches psychic development through meditation & relaxation, which includes self-healing & self-awareness. She is a certified Grandmaster in Reiki, Advanced Dowsing Past life Regression and Hypnosis. One World News brings to you, yearly birthday predictions for those whose birthdays fall in the week TAROT PREDICTIONS FOR 18 JUNE – 24 JUNE 2017, 2015 by the famous astrologer, numerologist and Tarot Card reader Tripti Chitkara.


ARIES – This is a week for finding answers to questions you haven’t asked god yet. Expect a lot of work and spirituality communication and conversations this week. Romantically you find a relationship that is fun , loving and spiritual at the same time , exactly what you have been looking for. In fact , you are exactly where you want to be in all spheres whether romance , work or spiritually.


TAURUS – You seem to be in a contemplating mood this week. You find yourself evaluating different areas of your life as it is now and thinking about how you would like to improve these various areas. This week you will make a mental blue print on which to start work in the near future. Please do not think of this as a waste of time as this mental process is necessary to figure out what to keep , what to throw out and what to improve upon.
GEMINI – You shine like the sun this week and are successful in any endeavour you take up. Travel, to a hot place, might be related to work or just a holiday. Expect renewal of passion in existing relationships. The only thing to be careful about is to not overdo the good stuff in life like overeating or having flings.
CANCER – Expect strife , competition , unnecessary fighting and a lack of cooperation both at the place of work and at home this week. Your own temperament and irritation will not help matters much in this situation. Try your level best to stay calm and cooperative even though this will be difficult.
LEO – You find yourself mentally considering various options and solutions in work and relationship issues. This creates a certain confusion in your mind as your mind goes round and round figuring out the various options. You have to know that no change is possible unless you pick up one option and move along with it. In the love department , to avoid disappointments , get clear about exactly what / who you want and then go after it.
VIRGO –There is unclarity or secrecy surrounding lot of issues in your life right now. Your logical reasoning is going to be of no help to you. Follow your intuition to try and figure out creative solutions to problems. But remember not to get frustrated as only time will resolve certain issues. Stay away from any office gossip as there is a chance that you will get the blame for something you have not even said.
LIBRA – It’s a week when your past efforts get rewarded especially in the work area. New orders start coming in for your product. Partnership work is favoured. Expect a burst of social life where you will meet many like-minded interesting people.
SCORPIO – Your life right now is very constrained and bound up in socially acceptable structures. Work wise and traditionally speaking you are doing quite well. But still you are restless within and find yourself rebelling against confirming and confining restrictions placed on you by the society.
SAGITTARIUS – Please be careful with important documents, money or other costly items as either misplacing them or a theft is foreseen. It will be prudent to double check your locks, and also carry out due diligence regarding online safety. Any job or work that you have applied for will only come through via connections.
CAPRICORN – All work , money , property and stocks and bonds related issues and situations are well favoured this week. It is a great time to invest in property or sell it . In relationship issues you are the boss and you call the shots so whichever direction you choose the relationship will follow. Also a good time to go into business with your life partner.
AQUARIUS – Those involved in legal issues / cases may expect victory. For others it’s a good week for any documentation required in work or personal issues. A court marriage or a divorce may be a possibility. Those who have applied for jobs might get the joining letter.
PISCES – Some kind of an exchange of energy is indicated. If you have applied for a loan, scholarship or grant it may not come through the way expected but some type of help will definitely come your way. In case you are seeking some important information then you will get it if right people are asked for it.

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Tripti Chitkara

Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions.


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